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Common Errors in Snatch

Im videotaping myself learning how to snatch for a class and I need some criteria to judge my performance by. Can any of you guys with OL experience give me an idea of what to look for?

Post the video.

Two bad habits I’m working on are:

-Letting the bar get to far away from my body (should keep the bar close at all times)
-Pulling with my arms (should keep arms loose)

The first problem usually results in the 2nd as I’m trying to compensate and pull the bar closer to the body. Other things to watch for:

-Keeping a tight back off the floor
-Steady lift off the floor, explosion/speed during second pull
-Locking arms out during catch
-Shoulders over bar during first pull

Probably the most common things in beginners that I’ve personally seen is bending the arms to early and not hitting full extentsion.

No doubt Koing will jump in. He’s the resident oly expert around here!

So many potential errors…In additon to those mentioned above:

  • Jumping forwards, usually because the bar is out front
  • Not jumping the feet out and thus being cramped in the bottom position
  • Jumping the feet out too wide, although this is more of a power snatch error
  • Floating under the bar instead of pulling under it
  • Not pulling the bar in at the end of the first pull
  • Over-pulling and spending too much time waiting for the bar to get “high enough”
  • Not rotating the elbows along the bar
  • Rushing the first pull