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Committment to Strength


I have been around this site for about 7 years now, and I am looking to use this log as a committment, and motivator for me to stick with my plans, and make increasing progress.
Some Background

Started working out about 8 years ago, and weighed 255 and couldn't even bench 135, or squat 135 for that matter. Went on an extreme dieting plan anorexia and got down to about 210 in about 2 months or so. Then I was introduced to T-Nation, and learned how to diet and strength train. Through good dieting I was down to 185 about 6 months from my start, but still weak. Started lifting seriously, and eating healthy, and over the last 8 years have gone back to 210, but with some mass.

My problem has always been being stuck in a state of being afraid to eat too much, but wanting more strength. Therefore my strength has been a slow, and stagnant process. Anyways, with this log I am hoping to put some real mass on, big numbers on my lifts, and hopefully at the same time become even leaner.

Currently I am in week 4 of a 12 week phase of HPmass. I love this program, already numbers going up, and looking leaner. I also follow pulse feast eating style 3-4 days a week, with the rest being "clean" eating.

I welcome any tips, or honest critques, and since I am at work now(Firefighter/paramedic). I will post some pics, and more on training tomorrow.



Sorry for this not being a real log, but I just got on Team 2, and will start a real log in that section when my permissions are switched. Anyways, my question.

i just finished week 6 of HPmass, and loved it. I have not retested my maxes yet, but will this week. My plan was to retest and do 6 more weeks, and then go to complexes. Is this still a good idea? Or with I3G coming in next couple days, should I switch to complexes no for optimal results? I saw something about you giving all team 2 programs, but wasn't sure how true that was, or if i got in too late for team 2, since I bought today. Any advice would be appreciated.

Goals - Performance strength/look, and secondary fat loss



I'll review your file shortly and see what is appropriate for you. You might have an hybrid program made up of complexes and several hypertrophy/strength methods depending on what I'm reading.