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Committed to Muscle Building


OK, after taking an entire week off of trainig (went to Hilton Head and got a decent tan) I'm ready to commit to a real muscle building program. After reading many posts and starting many of my own on the subject I have decided that my problem is that I have never fully committed to a weight gain program.

I eat 6 clean meals, but I don't each much. My meals will still be clean, but bigger. My program will consist of 3 full-body workouts per week with 1-2 cardio sessions thrown in for good measure. One week I'll do 2 heavy and one light workout, then switch the next week. My goals for the next 3 months are:

Gain 10lbs.
Increase bench 60lbs (315)
Increase DL 35lbs (400)
Increase squat 50lbs (350)

Primary exercises will be:

Chest - Heavy Smith bench (I don't have a real rack or a spotter), incline bb & db, decline db

back - DL, weighted pull-ups, bb rows

Shoulders - bb and db presses

Bicep - pull-ups, rows, curls

Tricep - cg bench, dip, bench dip

legs - squat, narrow squat, pull-throughs, leg curl, (they work for me), leg extension (yes, they also work for me)

I am incresing the frequency of lifting per week from what I am used to doing. The main difference will be my eating. We'll see what happens. Feel free to comment or make recommendations.


smith machine isnt really a great thing to use. if you have loadable dumbells it would probly be a better idea to use those instead of the smith machine


I know Smith isn't prefered, but I don't have a good option for heavy bench. I will incorporate heavy db presses into the program. I use the Smith for squats also. The guy who runs my gym won't spring for a squat rack. Oh well, it's free so I go.


I've heard and read numerous times about how using a smiths machines for squats will fuck up your knees and lower back. How about looking to do dumbbell squats, overhead squats or heavy lunges instead?

For benching, it really would be best to stick to heavy db presses (in terms of long term shoulder health) but use the smiths machine for ballistic bench press as an alternative.


you dont have a spotter you wrote. so ii assume you do have benches. oviosuly your lifting alone but you work out at a gym, im sure someone there could give you a spot. i know not haveing your normal spotter is tough but just tell them exactly how to spot you. if thats not an option you said you had heavy dumbells. id probly just do all my pressing with heavy dumbells and forget about the bar for now then.