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Comming off TRT Nebido


Hi guys, I’m new member of t-nation. I was young healthy mam full of testosterone, libido, sex drive etc. I’ve been always doing sports-fitness, martial arts and I was really successfull in it. One day I decided to lose fat, in spíte of the fact that I had About 8% bodyfat. My diet was successfull, I lost About 20kilos, but there were no fats in my diet so I screwed up my hormones, especially testosterone. My uro put me on the TRT - Nebido. Now it is a year since the first injection, intervals between injections were sometimes really short (sometimes 6weeks -self administered), but now I know Nebido is really not for me - I feel like I am on a roller coaster talkong about mood, libido etc. About 2 months ago I’ve tried to self-inject a shot of nebido bought underground, but the result was puffy nipples and testicular atrophy so I think that it was other type of test - maybe cyp. That was the only time I used 0,25mg of Anastrozole (european arimidex). I’ve never used HCG in my life, but my uro told me that there are no structural change in my testiculars. Now I decided to try restart my HPTA, because I am sure that my 22years old body can produce tons of test when there are proper conditions… I want to ask you what should I do… In my opinion, the jesť way is to try some shorter lasting ester as TRT, for example test enathate for 3 months or longer, I think it is enough time to clear Nebido from my body, and then I want to try DR. Scallys restart protocol. I know that a lot of people prefer other type of PCT, but here in my country (Slovakia), there are not well educated doctors with TRT experience, so I have to do it on my own. I’m looking forward to your answers, month ago I was on the blood test, as soon as I will have it I’ll post it here.



Follow these links in the 2nd post of 1st forum topic:

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Hi KSman, I’ve read a lot of it, but I can’t find HPTA restart protocol suitable for me - many of them are good for guys who want to stop short lasting esters like cyp or en, thats the reason why I want to switch to enathate or something like that and try to restart my own test production. I’ve found a lot of successfull HPTA restart experimences connected with DR . Scallys protocol, but there are a lot of people who prefer other ways of restart (but I still dont know which is best for me). Now I think the best for me would be switching to test en along with cca 250iu HCG twice a week, and them try to restart my HPTA with power PCT as I mentioned.


DR . Scallys protocol is deeply flawed and dips deeply into bro-science.

If you want to clear long acting esters, that is a completely separate consideration.

Also see: The PCT SERM dosing in this forum is wrong


Ok KS mam, thanks for your advice but I still don’t know exactly what to do. After doing some research, I decided to wait about the month or two, then switch to short lasting ester (maybe testosterone enathate or sustanon) with HCG - 250iu 3 times a week. I will inject it together for about 4 months and it will be about 4 and half month from the last nebido injection, which is enough in my opinion. Then I will wait few days, after the last test and HCG shor and then start taking tamoxifen. But there is a question if it is better option to switch to test propionate for the last weeks with HCG because it has much shorter half life. Thanks for you answer.


T eth, cyp or prop clears in 7-10 days and during restart that also provides more clearance as hopefully you are making some T yourself.


Thanks man, and what do you think about proviron? Can I use it now with TRT for a month, till I get HCG? (proviron is legally prescribed here in my country)
Your advice is really helpful for me so I want to tell you my plan:
My last nebido injection was about month ago
On the 1st of may I will start with HCG (250iu 3x week) and 150mg en a week . I’ll do it for 3 months and then the last month I’ll switch to propionate with HCG and 75iu HMG a week. After the last shot of test + HCG i will wait for about 3 days (time for prop to clear from the body) and it will by exactly 23weeks from my last nebido injection. Then I will start with tamoxifen for few weeks and slowly taper. Of course I’ve got Anastrozole ready to use, so I will use it if neccessary. Please tell me if this is a good way to try restart my HPTA, and if it is better to do HMG along with HCG for the last month with test as I wrote or doing it for example every first week in a month is better choice (I will have about 10x75iu - I have to Pay it on my own because Of no prescription). Thanks a lot for you amswer, I aprecciate it so much.


You should not be taking that approach. Labs may be needed.

Proviron does not replace hCG.


Hi Ksman, now I am on the test propionate for the next 3 months, my Lh and fsh is near zero, testicles athrophied, I have to do prop for the next 3 months till nebido will be totally cleared. So I use test prop and I have nolvadex, hcg, HMG, clomid on hand, can you help me please? What and how should I use for the next months along with test? Thank you very much, I trust you so much, Adam.


See the dosing suggested in the HPTA restart link.
Do not stack SERM+hCG or stack multiple SERMs

Also see: The PCT SERM dosing in this forum is wrong


Ok KS man, now it is the time to start with HCG along with test prop, so I will take 250iu EOD till my testicles will be back in size (I hope 6 weeks will be enough). Then I’ll stop prop and HCG the same day and 5 days after I will start with tamoxifene 20mg ED for 2 weeks, 10mg ED, the next week 10mg EOD and then 0,5mg Anastrozole pre week. From the first pin of HCG along with test, I will take 0,5 mg Anastrozole pre week divided in 3 doses and I will take it a week longer than Tamoxifen PCT will be. Thats what I’ve read in your stickies, is it the right protocol? Thanks


One more question, do you think that doses like 250 iu HCG and the. 20 mg Nolvadex EOD is enough for me? My LH and FSH are near Zero, my uro was totally stupid because je told me he have never used HCG before and didn’t want to prescribe it to me. Thanks a lot