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Comming Off T Replacement


Hey everyone,

Just a little background before i get into this. I was feeling a bit different after a few months after i had done test.i went to the doctor and he had said my levels were still low. For just under a year, (Jan-Present) i have been on T thearapy for 200-400 mg a month. quite low from what i had previously had been on. I had finally gotten to a urologist due to long wait times who said my levels weren't that low and i did not take the tests at the correct time (AM). Now i am off of the T and meeting again in 3 months. Has anyone gone off this thearapy? When i stopped the first AA i did not feel this bad. I'm guessing it may be because of the length of this from the doctor. Any help would be appreciated.


Please post lab results WITH LAB RANGES.

There are some [rare - 2 or 3 here] who hyper-metabolize T and need 300mg/week just to be high-normal TT.

What was your protocol and when were labs done timing wise to prior injection?

Stopping TRT is painful and stupid, what is the reason/benefit?


I was not given any values. The first doctor who had prescibed this was a walk in doctor who i doubt i'll see again. The reason he had taken me off was he said the tests were done in correctly and he needs to see what my values over the next 3 months will be. I have a follow up in Feb. and if i'm low he will be putting me back on tTest. He also removed me off the test because he said it would interfear with the chances of my girlfriend on getting pregnant. And yes. So far comming off has had a few negative issues. Lack of concentration, motivationg, drive. it is liveable but after about a month he said i should have motions / drive back to what it was before. I sure hope so.


Have you read the protocol for injections sticky?


Why not stay on the test and do the labs correctly instead of coming off completely and putting yourself through hell.


pretty easy answer here.... most doctors are idiots, and most people blindly follow whatever their doctor says. It explains an awful lot.


Yes, it's sad. I have a friend who just started TRT through a local Dr. who says he's been attending classes on treatment and is completely screwing him up. Started him on 400mg/wk 1 dose for 2 months then said he now wants to take him off to see if his body bounces back to normal even though he was at TT of 256 before the injections. Guess what didn't work. Now has him doing 400mg 1 wk and 1000Ius's of Hcg the next week still single doses and so on with no Anit E because Estrogen aint a factor in men he say's and my buddy has felt worse from the begining. I have provided him with countless books and print outs from this forum and many more stating the proper protocol and my own personal experience but he still believes this Dr. knows best and wont take any advice to seek better help. It's your health educate yourself and don't waste your time with this Dr. Contact Dr. O and Hardasnails on this forum they are my Dr.'s and have done very good work for me. I wish I had found them 10yrs ago It's worth the travel. My advice listen to people who are actually taking the TRT not the Dr's who have never experienced it.


I am sure this Canadian will get right on to Dr. O!

Canadians have more idiot doctors.


Thank you. i'll request a copy of the values from my test i have to schedule my first test this comming week. I did mention the anti - E to the specialist and he said i shouldn't have to worry. I guess it could have been a flag right there as he didn't want to talk about it much. I can understand a doctor making a mistake as they are people too.

I figured the advice from a specialist would be a little more safe as is more knowledgeable than myself or a walk in doctor. He did say if values are low he would have me on test right away again. I'll will keep reading posts on this board and try and make my own conclusions. Thanks for the help as well everyone. I really appreciate it as life is sucking right now.


Most docs do not understand the effects E2 in TRT guys. They really need to try then get the reports from the guys so they know. There really isn't any such knowledge directed at them.


If it means anything i also came off of Trt but for other reasons. I didnt really notice that much of a difference but i can see how it would be horrible for some at first


What gets me is even after printing out papers on the subject of E2 and T.....they still don't seem to get it. I can understand the lack of knowledge on the subject, but damn one would think it would interest them more in learning about the subject.
My doc has done whatever I say to do after using the stickies...he still shows no inkling of care on the matter. He does write the protocol without question though. I saw him for exactly 4.5 minutes the other day..walked out with handful of scripts.


Doctors are clueless. You have to manage TRT yourself and this is a good resource. Sad.... Lucky for me I have a family Dr who's very open to my treatment. I researched it, he bought off on it and writes my scipts. I tell him when I feel like doing labs. I moved from Portland to Vegas and I still fly up there twice a year just to keep him as my Dr. It's hard to find a good one!


I had a long conversation with my new Endo about E2 recently, and she didn't seem to be as concerned as many here are either. She said that the male body does create estrogen when given doses of T -- but that's it's natural reaction to create a balancing act. It sounds like a lot of guys here have gotten good results by breaking that balance though and blocking their E2?

Also regarding the poster's doc telling him to go off T and do more blood tests... My endo said I may have to do the same thnig if I ever want to get to the root cause of my T problems. She said my PCP missed a whole bunch of tests he should have done prior to me starting T, and the only way to get good values would be to go off the therapy completely and test again. We haven't gotten to this point yet, but it's just a possibiity for the future if we still can't find answers from my latest round of labs.


Trust me just stay on T. It's a very healthy life choice with minimal, if any, risks. Doctors have guys running scared from it for no reason.


You pay for these tests and it is perfectly acceptable to ask your doctor for copies of your test results. Knowing your numbers helps you manage your health better and if you have a problem with one doctor and want to switch to another, then you have test results of the things you have already tried and you can prevent starting over at the beginning with the next doctor.
It is perfectly normal to feel like hammered dog crap if you come off of your hormones for any amount of time.


T-->E2 is a simple open loop process that has no feedback or balance in TRT. Nothing to do with balance.

Where balance can occur is for normal guys where more T-->E2 reduces LH, reducing T, reducing T-->E2. The HPTA is more of an E2 regulation system than a T regulation system. Males are a small deviation from the female body; we inherit this female E2 regulation foundation.

When on TRT, LH-->0 and there is no closed loop regulation. Balance is turned off.


higher E2 is also in response to excess T, but if you boost your cortisol then it could control your T levels better and cause less T to convert to E2.


Hello Everyone,

So finally i have gottne the results back from the doctor. First i don't think i'll ever blindly follow the doctors or specialst advice without doing any research first. I figured the Urologist was a specialist and he would have the knowledge of what would be going on in my body and hopefully understand it better than me.

My results were in december 18, then in january it dropepd to 8, then febuary it is now at a 10. As the ranges go from 8-29 on there scale for just testosterone it was low. The urologist is now wanting me tao wait 2 more months as he thinks it will go back up. I had taken my last injection in the first week of november.

I will be going to my actual family doctor and requesting all of the tests that are in the TRT thearapy test porotocal in the sticky here. When i asked the specialist about any of this he basically said wait 2 months and we'll talk and see how those results are.

I would say FML but i know there light at the end of the tunnel. hopefully i'll have my test's done next week then I, can figure out what is going to be best for me and my family.

Thanks for all the previous comments and advice. It has helped me have a different perspective about this.