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While it is different from his past protocols it tends to follow the same style of “do the most efficient thing to drive hypertrophy then rest and repeat”. It’s one of the shortest time frame programs I have ever followed with the least number of sets prescribed. It worked tremendously and I think, and Dr. Darden can correct me if I am wrong here, is a great marriage of new science (Surge) and “old” ideas.

Frankly, I was skeptical of this protocol at first but it just works when you train, eat, and supplement as prescribed. It’s almost like it’s a fully thought out idea…odd thing to find these days.

The fact they are giving it away for free to Everyone is bonkers, considering what is being sold as “programs” by “influencers” these days.


Almost free. The only cost incurred was that the training had to be logged.

OP, however, appears to have only gotten to workout 7 before no longer upholding his end of the deal.

Forget logging it on line, I did so in my workout binder at home, I did 36 training days with the requisite body part blocks, and you?

Not to mention the $200+ of supplements and equipment given out, also free of charge.

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I mean the plan worked. When I go back to a building phase I will be buying more Surge and running this program again. I loved it.

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Are you aware how ‘deals’ work

Despite our 40 years difference in age, it appears I’m the one who understands the value of a handshake (albeit a digital one).


And they pay to host the site used to track the logs and allows us to rant about random crap.


It doesn’t seem too rational to expect phenomenal results at the age of 70. I am riding that horse now.

I have done all I knew to do and only got weaker and weighing less year after year since I tuned 60.

I tried the Surge plus the protocol and responded fairly well for a while, until I got an infection in my lower leg and a subsequent blood clot. This last November my body weight has risen from about 198 to 205lbs (got slightly stronger) using the full Surge recommendation and my modification to the protocol. I picked one block each workout to pyramid to a 6 to 8 rep max and immediately (60 seconds later) go into the pump-stimulate-flutter. I wanted to add a strength aspect to the protocol.

Training philosophies are continually evolving, so I don’t mind when someone adds, subtracts, or completely alters their recommended best training method.

I am not a huge fan of Plazma, but I do very much like Surge.

I would have preferred the OP would have addressed his concerns a little less accusatory.


Well, good for you, here is a digital applause. Your point has absolutely nothing to do with my original post

The one where you accepted over $200 of free supplements and equipment, alongside a custom program and coaching by one of the biggest names in fitness history, then accused him of being a shill after accepting all of the above and not fulfilling your end of an agreement?

Yeah, you got me. I guess my comment was unrelated.

The audacity it takes to hold such a position is fucking astounding.


My opinion is that your opinion is dog shit.
insert angry boomer meme here

There back to your point.

Are you able to elaborate more on this point. How are you able to tell that the things he learnt through his research were not applied to the new protocols. All training modalities evolve over the time and many of the coaches on here comment on how their new work is different from the other work. It doesn’t mean the earlier stuff is no longer applicable and it also doesn’t mean the new stuff is not valid. I am struggling to see how you can determine that the old learning where rendered invalid or not used to help create what seemed like for many a very effective training program.

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Curious hear the results from more of the 30 ish people who tried the Surge Challenge program.

I enjoyed the program and didn’t feel totally wiped out after training for the first time in a long time.

If we’re being objective here, there wasn’t a whole lot of size left to put on me without anabolics, but i did see a slight increase in size.

Only complaint was trying to gather all the equipment needed to perform the training blocks as written. This was ultimately the reason i decided not to continue with the program past the agreed upon length of time.

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I’m not hating on you @Kim_Bortnak. Its definitely noticeable with the ‘plugs’. I don’t think there is any shady business though. T Nation has to make money to support the business. They tailor these programs to their products. Its not a foul, its expected. I also haven’t seen any wild claims about their products. Their products usually are advertised with some scientific research as to how they are beneficial. Its up to you if you want to use them.


Why not just try the program without the supplement requirements and track your progress…report back to us at the end

This is a real problem. I need to go to the gym at a rather less busy time to have a chance getting the equipment necessary (and I have made some alterations to require fewer different pieces of equipment.)


I ran it for the full 12 weeks and logged all of it. Awesome experience all the way around.

The workouts, especially the leg and thigh workouts, were brief and brutal.

I went from about 172 to about 185.


I don’t even know who Darden is.

I guess I have been living under a rock.

I’m not even sure what else needs to be said at this point.

So, yeah. Interesting thread.