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Commercials for suing ephedra companies


I just saw a commercial from some law firm trying to get people to call to sue ephedra companies!

Um, wait, when do we sue the drug companies for their dangerous products first?


Makes me want to go buy a bunch of ephedra and take it in front of people. People would be like "oh, don't you know that's dangerous for you??"

I had my Hot Rox at work, and a woman asked in a serious tone "that doesn't have ephedra in it, does it?"

I was half tempted to say yes just to hear the reaction lol.


NeilG, an alternate response would have been, "Oh, no ma'am. Just a little Winstrol."


I like all the ads now for ephedra free weight loss supps- like it was a good thing!

Hey, I've taken plently of ephedra, so can I sue?


Well you all know who's gonna make all the coin from the class action lawsuits..

Yup, the guy paying for the commercials, think its james sokolove or some such name.
Noticed he has been going on a rampage lately with class action lawsuit commercials, must have about 5 of them out there right now..

Damn dirty trial lawyers...


I had a severe reaction to the ephedrine in MD-6 a couple years ago, and ended up loosing a lot of weight. All fat. Is this what they are talking about?

There are a group of lawyers who sit around thinking up "who can I sue?" The class action lawsuit has them combine hundreds if not thousands of people together which has resulted in people getting amounts as low as $50 while the lawyers walk away with thousands if not millions.

A good example of this is Erin Brockovich. A con artist who was turned into a hero by a mostly untrue movie. Check out this website:


Now type prohormone into the Google search engine and see what turns up in the advertising section.