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Commercial Gyms

This is about the BS of a commercial gym called FITNESS CONECTION. My wife and I are starting our own business and money is extremely tight so I asked if they could put a hold on my membership they said I would have to send in a letter 30 days in advance By CERTIFIED MAIL! Pardon my language but what the FUCK good does that do me when I do not have the money now. Hell in 30 days things will be more stable and I will have the money then anyway. And then I said fine I want to cancel it. They said the same BS as before I have to send in a letter 30 days in advance by certified mail. If I could read the fucking future I would have done it in May. And then your probably thinking well all right complain to the corporate offices. Well all they have is a P.O. Box and the gym will not give me a phone # so I can only complain to the managers at the gym where I work out at, wow that really helps me out. By the way even though I will cancell my membership by mail at the begining of June because of the 30 day thing I still have to pay my June fees how is that for a smack in the face. Also to cancell my membership I need to send in either MY MEMBERSHIP COPY or a LETTER OF DISPOSTION whatever the hell that is. All of this to cancell a membership its probably easier to quit the damn military. IF ANY ONE HAS ANY INFO. on FITNESS CONECTION like there PHONE NUMBER OR CORPORATE LOCATION PLEASE E-MAIL ME. This is total BS

I feel your pain man. Last year I joined the same gym, and they really bent me over. They have this clause in the contract that if you live within a 15 mile radius of one of their gyms, you are still legally obligated to their contract. Of course I told them that I was moving back to my hometown, and they said that they were sorry that I was leaving. Well at this point I filled out the proper forms at the location, the letter you spoke of, and I thought that everything was going to be fine right? Wrong!! It turns out that they have nothing to do with the billing, but rather through some large billing company. When I got my quarterly balance for my bank account, I noticed that I was charged for three months of a membership that I had cancelled!! I called them and asked what the f–k was up, and they told me that I needed to go to their affiliated gym in my home town. That would be alright except for the fact that I had already joined another gym. I still have a morbid hate in my heart for those bastards. Meanwhile, I will try to look through my old documents for you!

i am not sure how the contract states, but if it is like most gyms (bally, nautilus, ect) then all you have to do is open a po box under your name 15-20 miles away and you can cancel. look into it.

Check out your states department of Consumer Affairs. They should help you. Bets O’Luck.

A complaint to the Better Business Bureau would also be a good thing. But really, what is it with all these mega-gyms? All of them seem to be completely idiotic. Time for some of us here to start a grass-roots “small-gym-run-by-a T-person-in-every-town” movement!

Hell yeah char-dawg! Too bad I don’t have the cash to start my own biz. The gyms where I live are all corporate money mongering, bend you over any way they can type places. Thier trainers are a joke, some are even fat, hahahah! I laughed my ass off when this fat chick comes up in her flashy pink and purple workout suit and acts all proud as she informs me she is a “Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert(It even says so on her plastic name tag so it must be true)”! I felt like saying “Oh, so you must be intentionally trying to look like a fat hog then, I guess some guys like that look” but I just opened my eyes really wide and said “Oh, really?” because I was affraid she might sit on me if I made her mad. Hahahha! Guess I just gotta keep my workouts at home until someone opens a real gym.

Chardawg. Sounds like the Legion is calling you. Michael, get an attorney to write them a letter stating your position. They will back down. Call up “pre-paid legal” for 25 bucks a month they will write letters concerning disputes as part of the package, then cancel your membership if money is that tight. late.

im gonna have to agree with char-dawg here. the gyms will all be related, you can find them where different t-bros (vixens) live, and instead of any fancy names, we just call the gym “T”. now, obviously these are strictly hardcore gyms, however here is the twist. like a job interview, the manager of the gym (the t-bro who opened it up) interviews each person wanting to join, making sure that they wont curl in the squat rack, and dont fall under any category of the “testathesaurus.” and, while im dreaming, i get to have sex with britney spears for cardio.

Your are starting your own business, yet you are complaining over a one month charge at a gym?  So, you are saying, that you would have the money later, but the month before would just be too hard to scrape up a measley 60 bucks?!  How can you start your own business, yet not have not 60 bucks for a membership?  

Sometimes in life our actions and the way we talk to people dictate the outcome of events. I’m sure if you would have not have been such a prick, the desk person could have worked something out for you.

Hey, it’s a real idea. On another thread there were some comments about the “investment groups” that Korean immigrants use to get themselves started in life in America (I forget the name…Hyok?). I know that there are plenty of people on this board who are further along in life and have some spare cash lying around, waiting for a good investment. I also know that there are plenty of knowledgeable younger people who would like nothing more than to live their lives in a good gym, doing what they love for a living. Seems to me like we could get these two groups together somehow or other…

Waddaya say, people?

char: I’m so freakin’ there. Ko and I have been traveling around, checking out some gyms - and I tell you, it’s a sad, sad, world out there. I have to say, it’s really pretty funny, when we walk-in, and the front desk person see’s me, the first (and in some cases, the ONLY) things they point out are the cardio equipment and the aerobics room. I think it’s rather ahem insulting.

But, man, I have the picture in my head: of the perfect gym. Yeah, a big, fat, blazing "T" on top. A gym where no assumptions are made just cuz of gender. Where the weight room is indeed the "weight room" (a row of power racks, complete with bumper plates - limited machines), NO spinning classes (*big smile*), trainers who indeed know their "stuff", a juice bar with NO soy based products - maybe a cafe instead where Ko is the chef (*big smile*) - man, I can go on. It's okay to dream out loud, right?!

But, hell ya - cool. And I wonder *hmmmm* where can I find these wonderful, possible investors? Oh and btw: ALWAYS, read the contract before you sign on the dotted line. Read EVERYTHING - including the fine print. You are signing a contract - even if it's for a gym, health club. Also, check your state's laws regarding such contracts. And ask questions to the person who's selling you the membership, and if they can't answer directly or their answer is "hazy" - tear up that contract and walk out the door.

Chardawg: You have hit on a concept that is nearly ready to have its day in the sun. I and some brothers and sisters in the Legion of Dark Renegades have been organizing our cells…ie, my garage. To suit ourselves for anytime any place Renegade training with hard working Renegades to train with. In the next month or so this idea will have gained more mass and I promise you I am working hard to be ready for that day. The day when every member of the Legion has knowledge of when and where his brothers and sisters are training so as to join them. Late D>R>

Well, that’s two (three?) so far! WHo else wants in on the deal of the century?!??

As for investors, I’m sure that Biotest could be persuaded to pony up a bit of that cash that they MUST be raking in - considering as how we’d only offer Biotest products at the T gym…

All corporate gyms suck because it doesn’t matter how cool you are or how well you know the managers - when it comes to billing, some computer does it and computers have no feelings. I found the solution. Denver has city rec gyms where you pay - seriously - fifty bucks a YEAR. I bet lots of big cities have these. Look into it. No, the gyms aren’t high tech, but 45 pounds is 45 pounds no matter how clean the floor is!

Well, I’ve talked about this before here, and in other places. I WILL owna gym some time in the future, and it won’t be for profit. My income will be from other sources, this is a break-even venture. How’s it going to be run? Simple: No various memberships, just ONE membership, one fee, and it’s month by month. When the list is full, you go on a waiting list. If you don’t pay by the tenth of the month, you give up your spot to the next person on the waiting list. Many racks and platforms. No chrome. No stereo. Very few machines. No classes. And LOTS of space. An area for sandbag carries. Odd lifts (kegs, stones, etc). Trainers on hand all the time, and no contracts – they’re paid a flat salary whether they train people or not. Use 'em if you want to, don’t if you don’t. They’re not going to pressure you. Any one abusing the equipment or other people is out. For life. No questions. Fights (yeah, they happen) are immediate dismissal for BOTH parties. No questions. Any one selling roids on premisis is out. For life. Undecided on the supplements or cafe idea.

What many gym owners will not tell you is that they count on people not using their membership. Corporate gyms have become big because they take your money, purposely don’t do squat for you, and could care less if you come or not. In fact they would rather you did not. Case in point, nearly every gym in the world asks for a one year commitment. They then sell that contract to a billing company. They get their money up front, usually 75%. Their work with you is done. Period. Trainers? no. Salesmeen? Yes. I used to work out at a gym that had over 400 members. At any one time I saw only 10 members at once. If they all showed up at one time the building would have exploded. It was only big enough for 30-40 people anyway. Did the owner quit selling memberships? Hell no, that would have been stupid.
If I were to open a gym, and I am working toward that goal now, here are the things I would do. 1. At least 50% off for Police, Fire, and EMT departments. They are underpaid, underappreciated, and need to be in shape to stay alive and save lives. 2. Thoughtful layout. Squat racks, leg presses etc in a room or area, yada yada yada. 3. It would be clean. 4. A seperate area for beginners. Machines, lighter dumbells, adult supervision. 5. No personal trainers on staff. I would not ban personal trainers, they need to eat too. But I would not interfere with their livelyhood by giving their product away. I would ensure their credentials and let the buyer beware. 6. High ceilings and rubber flooring for a hardcore look that’s easy to clean. 7. Real honest-to-God deadlift platforms. 8. Minimal rules: If you puke, you clean it; no cussing in front of ladies and children; no soliciting.
9. Monthly payments in cash or credit card preferred. No long term contracts to make me lazy.
Any investors out there???

rocket: what part of denver do you live in, and where do you train? im in the golden/lakewood area, and lift at the point athletic club

I train at the gym in Wash Park. For 50 bucks a year, it is awesome. I think I worked out at the Point once a few years ago when I was looking for a new gym.