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Commercial Gym Hell

  1. young punks squatting in the Curl Rack (sarcasm)

  2. young punks using three tens and a five on each side, instead of a 35 on each side

  3. young punks leaving their backpacks all over the gym (without any straps/chalk/etc.)

In my old age, I’ve watched standards just dwindle…

talk to them directly in a mature level-headed tone, make them see it your way and convince them to get their fucking act together. They just need to learn. Maybe also talk to gym staff?

I use a city gym. It is amazing (a) how cheap it is (a heck of a lot less expensive than the YMCA) and how much iron some of them have. And just a lot less general silliness going on as well.

Thanks. I’m done venting.

kid hump curling…