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Comments While on 1st Cycle


First of all thanks to the guys that recomended following the ABBH program several months ago. It allow me to break through a 6 month plateau.

43, 5'11" 185lbs, 15% bf (kinda high IMO) Arms 13 7/8, Thighs 20, calves 14, chest 44 (barrel chest)Stomach 34, waist 31

Fairly clean, trying to keep 6 meals at 40 carb. 30 pro, 30 fat

1st cycle Stack:
250mg Deca week 1-10
20mg/day Dbol week 4-10

200 lbs, increase arms, thighs, calves
Increase Bi/Tri/Calves.Bring out traps, build up shoulders. Keep chest at 44 while bringing out more on top of chest and bring stomach down to 31 waist.

Sun off
10 min jog - warm up and cooldown on all workout days
Mon - Chest - B press, incline flys, flat flys. Standing and seated calves
Tue - Arms - Lying tri ext, tri pushdowns. standing tri ext, Incline curls, BB curls
Wed - Legs - Squat. leg ext, leg curl
Thur - Pullups, BB rows, Pullovers, Pulldowns.
Fri - Seated BB press, Upright row, side raises, shrugs.
Sat off.
No additioanl cardio.

I'm on week two of the cycle with
Deca and no noticable increases IMO.

Should the training be adjusted to reflect hitting the same body parts twice a week?

Should cardio be added during a bulking cycle?

Will I get more of a noticable increase in strength when the Dbol is intoduced.



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deca has probably the longest half-life of all available AAS...like 21 days. you're probably start seeing some results in a few days, but 250 mg/wk is a little low. especailly with nothing else....no offense, but your cycle was planned out too well...


Dude.. he will NOT see results in a few days.. it's deca for god's sake.


When you start your Dbol at week 4, then you will start seeing results within that week. You will gain an inordinate amount of water weight..Your strength will increase tremendously. Be careful not to push yourself too hard though, as this new found strength doesn't have a good foundation.. ie tendons, ligaments strong enough to handle it just yet. Dbol and Deca are considered a 'bread and butter' stack...That's what they say ... but who are they...

At least when the deca is starting to reach suitable blood levels, the dbol will be introduced for a nice synergy.

It will take more than a month for the Deca to clear after your last shot as well.. so imagine this cycle as a 14 weeker at least.. maybe you should use a short ester like Test Prop at the end to close it out during week 10-14. Pct at 14 and beyond.. even later in some people's opinions.

happy growing.


Keep chest at 44? Dude, are you kidding me? Bring out the top? You must be kidding me.

Everything is going to grow. This is not spot specific. If you train it, and eat right.. it will grow. Let's hope all your parts grow a lot.

Your training split is a little strange, but whatever floats your boat. You can adjust your training with more volume (I prefer this) or more frequency.

You can, some do... I personally do not.. I don't mind gaining a little fat while bulking.. as it's necessary IMO.

Yeah, and be careful like I stated above.

That is a relatively low dose, but 200mg-600mg is an average range.. This is your first run after all. The dbol will do nicely.

For the record, Deca also doesn't have the longest half-life of all AAS.. Laurabolin, which is Nandrolone Laurate, has 28 days... and I'm sure there are longer.. I'm not about to go break out my books on this one though.

Good luck resortpro.


does anybody even still manufacture Laurabolin??


Yeah, Intervet, Loeffler. It is rare though, as you insinuate.


You need to eat more protien, A LOT more protien. Its not much of a cycle as is (250mg deca is gonna cause more suppresion problems that it's worth gains wise imo), but if your eating like that it'll be worse. Plus 30gm of fat per meal? Thats about 50% of you calories from fat. Granted, it's not near enough calories as is, but drop some of that fat (at least in the morning and postworkout) and double your protien. If you wanna make it a real cycle I'd add at least 300-600mg of test a week for 12 weeks, but take care of your nutrition and training first.


Oh wow, I didn't even catch that.. ditto on the protein.