Comments, Suggestions for my Mag10 program

Hey everyone… I’m going to try MAG10 for the first time next week, and I wrote up a program I want to try. I put it on a website because I didn’t want to paste it all here and take up too much space. If you’re bored or interested in seeing what I came up with… check it out here. Let me know what ya’ll think! Thanks everyone… take it easy.

Overall, I like most of it. I would suggest organizing your core work so that you are not doing heavy oblique exercises 2 days in a row.
For instance - doing saxons on day 1 will impair your ability to do bent press and windmills on day 2. I would suggest setting up all rotational/lateral flexion work on either odd or even days and make the other 2 days focused on trunk/leg flexion exercises.

Other than that, I hope you are rested. Don't be afraid to scale back the number of sessions if you really get beat down. Put your priorities first and after the initial 4 sessions, consider if a 3on, 1off or even 2on, 1off split would be more appropriate. MAG-10 and lots of food is great, but it does not give you a free card to kill yourself. Just listen to your body. Good luck and please report how your 2 weeks goes.

Looks good mate but i bet your years go by fast if you only live a 5 day week :slight_smile: “…I’m going to go 4 days on, 1 day off for 2 weeks…” He he

Paul Govier

Thanks guys. Jason - thats how Coach Davies had them setup… Saxons on day 1, windmills & bent press on day 2. Isn’t it? I tried it when the Real Abs article first came out, and it felt alright. I wasn’t training with as much volume though, so you’re probably right. I’ll fix that.

Paul - :wink: What I meant was… On - M,T,W,TH. Off friday. On - Sat,Sun,Mon,Tue. Off Wednesday. On - Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun. So I’ll be repeating each workout 3 times in the 2 weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to swing it. I feel pretty good about everything.

Oh, I just got my X-Vest about 15 minutes ago from UPS. Holy Shit!!! This thing kicks ass. It fits just like Mr. Staley says it does, like a second skin. Looks like a flak jacket or something though. Someone will prolly end up calling the cops over at the gym… thinkin’ I’m gonna blow the place up ;). Trainin’ like a soldjuh. I may end up starting my mag10 a little earlier then planned. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait until Monday.

Any more suggestions/flames on my program? I’ll take all I can get. I want to make the most out of this. I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress. See ya guys.

I think that 4-on, 1-off is unrealistic with double sessions, even on androgens. Just recently Ian King highlighted the fact that people are more likely to overtrain on androgens than anytime else. Personally, I’ve made my best gains on Mag-10 when I trained 3-on, 1-off with single sessions only (11/14 days on). If doing two-a-days, I would keep it to 10 days. Either way, keep the sessions to 45-60 minutes at most.

The P.M. workout on 3 of those days shouldn’t take any more than 30 minutes. 20 minutes of EDT, and a few core exercises, shrugs & calves. Leg day is the exception… deadlifts in the morning, squats in the evening. I’ve never gone w/ this much volume. I definitely know when I’m overtraining, so if I need it- I’ll cut back… I have no problem with that.

I just got back from working out with the x-vest for the first time. I was doing mainly bodyweight exercises… pushups on stability balls & discs, dips, chins, jump squats. I also did some ropework & about 20 minutes of sprints. Good shit. I really need to take it easy for the rest of the week before I start my mag10. I just couldn’t wait to try it out! Later on.

I know cardio isn’t recommended during a growth phase on mag10, but I’m wondering… I’ve been using the X-vest this week on the Stairmaster… and I’ve also been sprinting and jumping rope. My legs are on fire by the end of this… do you think it would be wise to strap on 40 lbs, and hop on the stairs a couple times a week. It seems to be helping with the DOMS from leg day. I’m not really looking to get huge with the mag10, but I’m really curious about the strength gains others are having.