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Comments on WM-Based Routine

I’m pretty new here and want some feedback on a workout program. I just finished 4 weeks of the Waterbury Method and am trying to plot my next move. Below is a proposed routine roughly based on the principles of the Waterbury Method, but with some variation. My main concern and what I want feedback on is the potential for overtraining. I work out M-F with weekends off and I hate only lifting 3 days a week. I really wanted to add a 4th day.

I looked at the parameters in Chad’s rep/set bible and tried to work on the hypertrophy model, with 2-4 sessions per bodypart per week.

For what it’s worth - my stats: 29 yrs. old; 5’11"; 170 lbs. bodyfat approx. 12%. My goal is obviously bulking. I would like to add about 10 lbs. over the next 2-3 months.

Here is the plan - thanks guys.

Day 1
flat bench 10x3
dips 4x6
bentover barbell rows 4x6
military press 4x6
weighted bench step-ups 4x6
seated calf raises 4x10

Day 2
barbell back squats 10x3
incline dumbbell curls 4x6
close-grip bench 4x6
barbell curls 4x6
tricep pressdowns 4x6
abs 4x10

Day 3 OFF

Day 4
decline barbell bench 5x5
partial deadlifts 4x6
incline dumbbell press 4x6
upright rows 4x6
weighted dips (chest) 4x6
abs 4x10

Day 5
chin ups 10x3
barbell reverse curls 4x6
tricep (varies) 4x6
incline leg press (or front squat) 4x6
calf extensions (leg press) 4x10

Okay, that is roughly the routine. The four 4x6 sets that follow the first 10x3 (or 5x5) set are supersets.

Like I said, my only concern is overtraining. Is that a valid concern or does this look okay? Rather than go completely full-body on all 4 days, I concentrated on arms on day 2 (with squats) and chest on day 4.

Thanks, again. Look forward to your comments.

To clarify something. I want to make it clear that I’m not trying to “outthink” CW. I respect the amount of knowledge and science that go into his workouts and that is why I follwed the Waterbury Method verbatim the first time I went through it.

My only goal in making changes was to add a 4th day of lifting since I cannot workout on the weekends.

I realize after posting this workout and getting some comments elsewhere that I’m going overkill on the arm work and need to cut a lot of that out.

That said, would anyone have any suggestions on how to add a 4th day to the above-styled training WITHOUT overtraining and overtaxing a particular bodypart? Thanks!

Hey there. It seems like you are more concerned with training training 4 days per week that optimal progress. Anyways, you might wanna consider Chad’s Big Boy Basics program which is upper bod./lowerbod. with 4 sessions per week. Good luck.

I think working the same group two days in a row is bad… Try going every other day through the week… This will change the days each week but should aid recovery.