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Comments on TRT Credentials Thread

In order to keep the credentials thread to be just profiles (as intended) please use this or some other thread for comments on it. You can quote someone from that thread and place it here (or anywhere else) to reply. If that thread becomes more than just profiles it defeats the purpose and makes it harder for newer folks to go through and read who people are especially since it’s a sticky.

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Yes… Please.

Is this the @dextermorgan’s skank stories thread too?

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@dbossa Edit the credentials thread with instructions to only provide bio and no discussion in thread.


Why does that thread exist

With TRT there’s a lot of people giving out conflicting info. It’s a way to get a little background about the person giving that info before you make a decision that will effect at least a couple months of your life. If it turns out that person has been on TRT for 2 months, is 30lbs overweight and doesn’t have their own shit figured out then at least you have a better chance of knowing that beforehand. It’s not perfect or fool-proof but it is an extra bit of info you can go by.


I don’t know about DHT since libido is great and never had any balding issues I never checked it but prolactin was 21.5 (5-15) so not high enough to make any difference.

It’s not a big deal but if you don’t mind would you delete your comment on the TRT Credentials thread so it doesn’t get clogged up.