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This is the basic 5x5 program im going to be starting. Keep in mind im 14 and im when i start this program i will be new to a gym, but not to most of the exercises. Anyway, its not my program i dont in any way take credit for it. Give me your opinions, thanks!

The actual article with the routine in it is:

But i know a lot of people won't take the time to check that out so im going to just copy and paste the routine below:


Squats: 5 sets of 5 with the same weight. Start with a moderate weight and add 5-10 pounds every week.
Front Squats: 3 sets of 8-10. Add 5-10 pounds every week for all sets.
Glute Raises: 3 sets of 8-10. If you can not do 8 reps, do as many full reps as you can then do partials to finish.
Calves (seated or standing raise): 3-4 sets to failure. Use slow reps. Add 5 pounds per week for all sets.


Bench Press: 5 sets of 5 with the same weight. Start with a moderate weight and add 5-10 pounds every week.
Flat Dumbbell Bench Press: 2 sets of 8-10. Try to increase the weight as often as possible. It is harder with dumbbells.
Close Grip Bench Press: 3 sets of 5. This is a core lift. Add 5-10 pounds every week.
Tricep Pushdowns: 2 sets of 10. Add weight every week. When you can do the stack for every set do weighted dips.


Deadlifts: 5 sets of 5 with the same weight. Start with a moderate weight and add 5-10 pounds every week.
Barbell Rows: 3 sets of 6-8 reps. Try to add weight every week though it wont always be possible. Strive to make personal records.
Hyperextensions: 3 sets of 10-15 reps. These are for rehab and preventitive strengthening of the lower back (use a lighter weight for this exercise).
Barbell Curls: 5 sets of 5 reps. Start with a moderate weight and add 5 pounds every week.


Actually doesn't look half bad. I'd add a vertical pull on friday, and use DB rows instead of barbell rows. But that's just me.


Looks like a good program. I might add in some sort of unilateral work on Monday such as a heavy step-up variation, bulgarian split squat variation, or lunge variation. Those should help jack up your strength. Might add in something for the shoulders, some sort of Overhead Press. Often in programs that really isolate the bench, squat and deadlift, the shoulders and Overhead pressing strength is overlooked although it plays a huge role in increasing the bench press. Maybe instead of Dumbbell Presses after the bench press you could throw in a military pressing variation.

Can say that I have done 5x5 Deadlifts on a Friday and then tried squatting again on Monday for 5x5 and your body doesn't like you very much for it. You could prob cut the volume of the deadlifts to 3x5 work sets and still reap the benefits without hindering your squatting 2 days later.

All in all, looks like a good program and most importantly just go out and hit it hard.


I don't understand - I posted something similar (at least I find it's similar) a few days ago and generally my routine was not well liked.

What makes this one any better?


Each body part once a week? I think higher frequency would be better. Upper/lower twice a week?

Another point - you obviously know the proper form for squats and deads?


Well my main goal here isnt hypertrophy its mainly strength and this shits gunna be intense, i haven't even tried it yet but just reading it im feeling the soreness. Plus ill be upping the weight every workout or at least thats the goal. As for form well ive never deadlifted before but ive watched videos on proper form for each the bench (dave tates video being my favorite) squat, and deadlift.


There are 3 most popular routines: TBT, splits, body part once-a-week (which is basically still a split). I think you chose the worst version as a beginner. You'll be sore for 3 days in upper body and 4 days in lower body maybe. I don't think it's efficient. Granted, being 14 you have a lot of time, but still...

When it comes to form, your first attempts on DL and squats are going to be, well, difficult. Watching proper form is very important. Try to implement things you saw in the gym now. Watch yourself in the mirror, ask sb who looks competent, use empty BB maybe.


Lol yeah my form might not be the best but i wuldnt let it suck i try to do anything with the best form i possibly can. And if i dont try how can i learn right? The basic 5x5 program was written for a beginner and is for strength, ive done body part once a week stuff and i dont feel it does enough.


Also, what does TBT stand for?


Also thorax werent u just saying i wasnt doing enough and that i needed to have higher frequency? Now ure telling me ill be TOO sore and that id be doing too much? Make up your mind youre losing ur credibility sir.


TBT= total body training? It's a Chad Waterbury program, or alternatively refers to any program that is total body, usually 3x wk.

I think that the program you posted is ok. It might work well for you.

I think that doing stronglifts or starting strength would definitley work for you.

If I wanted to be picky I would say the program is lacking a few things. Someone else mentioned there is no overhead pressing. Yes, doing presses suck because they are hard. But for shoulder strength and therefore benching strength they are amazing. Also having well developed shoulders does so much for your over-all physique. As it is there is nothing that hits the shoulders directly, although there is a fair bit of indirect work (rows, bench etc.)

There is also no vertical pull movement, I would scrap the curls and do chins. In my opinion they are better for building biceps for a beginer anyway.

Infact the more I think about it the more I don't like the program. For someone who was intermediate I wouldn't mind it so much, but for a beginner not so much.

Doing front squats after back squats I doubt you'll bring sufficient intensity or be lifting enough weight to really reap the benefits. And direct work for your calves? I doubt you need it at this point.

Having three bench variations all on the same day? How about just focusing on one and and getting really good at that? For bench assistance do presses for your shoulders and dips for your tri's.

And I cringe at the thought of having to do rows straight after DL's.

And curls? I mean, really? I thought you said this was for strength?

Anyway, like I said, the program isn't BAD, but it isn't the greatest for a beginner. Try it for a while if you want. As I mentioned, at least take a look and consider time-proven programs like madcow, starting strength etc.


Well, your scheme looks as if you're going to do them once a week again.


I did not say you'll be too sore. I said the technique is difficult so the workouts will be difficult. But you will be sore for a few days maximum. And then it would be fine to hit the gym again, instead of waiting, esp. if you're a beginner.

Anyway, good luck.


Oh, and don't talk about my credibility if you have none yet, sir.


Just had a quick check the only thing that wasnt overly liked was the exercise order, generally speaking the exercise selection was sound. A push/pull/legs set up is usually a pretty good program.

You'll find most people dont like critiquing random programs when there are so many good ones out there especially when you dont have clearly listed goals or are just starting. I'll admit I made my own program which I started a few weeks ago based on my own goals, but it in my opinion beginners just looking to get big or just looking to get strong are better off with a pre-written program.

OP, pretty good, go with it see what happens, you have many years ahead of you and it will take a good few to get it right. Anything will work to begin with so just get going.


haha calm down it was a joke, no need to get all pissy


oh and this is program may not be something most T-Nation readers are familiar with and most of you saying that i should include a shoulder workout into this are probably right. But its not something some idiot who has never stepped into a gym made.

But anyway, for shoulders i was thinking standing military press and then the delt triad routine described in Dr. Clay Hyght's article.