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hi guys...i'm 5'10", 153lbs with a crazy metabolism...i'm trying to create a diet that will help me put on some solid mass relatively quickly. I've read Berardi's G-Flux article and I'm hooked on the idea of high caloric intake/expenditure.

Any comments/suggestions on the following diet would be very much appreciated. I'm taking a semester off from school and only working/taking classes part-time, so meal timing and preparation time are not much of an issue. I've been trying to balance convenience (not having to eat every 90 minutes) with sheer caloric quantity. It hasn't worked so well, so I'm taking the opportunity to ask for advice from those who have walked this road before.

Meal 1 (8AM): 8 whole eggs/2 cups Quaker old-fashioned oatmeal (1200 kCals)

Meal 2 (10:30AM): 1lb baked chicken breasts/6 slices whole-wheat bread (~900 kCals)

Meal 3 (1PM): 2 tuna sandwiches (each has 1 6oz can of tuna on 2 slices of whole wheat bread; ~600 kCals)

Meal 4 (3:30PM): 2 pb&j sandwiches (~900 kCals)

Meal 5 (6PM): 8 eggs/4 baked potatoes (~1100 kCals)

Meal 6 (8:30PM): 2 tuna sandwiches (~600 kCals)

Meal 7 (11PM): 8 eggs/2 cups oatmeal (~1200 kCals)

In-between all of the meals, I drink fat-free milk. I space the drink sizes out so that I drink 1 gallon by the end of the day. I drink water during the meals to aid digestion, and usually drink 1-1.5 gallons per day.

The macronutrient totals are approximately 550g protein, 800g carbs, 120g fats (all saturated, from the egg yolks). I take about 8 fish oil capsules per day, and add a few spoons of olive oil to the oatmeal. I realize this diet calls for over 8,000 calories per day, but trust me when I tell you, 5k wasn't cutting it. I'm not very worried about putting on fat, especially considering I can drop it easily anyway (a few weeks of caloric deficit and I'm probably back under 7% bf). Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks..


Reminds me of Dave Tate's diet, though a hell of a lot more healthy. What did you try before this diet, as you said the 5000 Cal wasn't doing it for you? an extra 3000 calories seems a bit much to add so suddenly. I would suggest trying to up it by 500/wk or every other week to see how it goes. Even if you do need 8000 calories, it would be much healthier and better for your physique if you gradually make the shift to higher calories.


Try to mix in a lb or so of read meat every day. Skip the fat free milk and go for the 2% or dare I suggest whole milk.


How in the world does one eat 4 baked potatoes and 8 eggs in one sitting?


Or a pound of chicken and 6 slices of bread???

I'm a bigger guy, and my appetite is rather legendary. I don't think even I could eat all that.


It is a bit extreme.

Especially only 2 hours after 8 eggs and 2 cups of oatmeal!


I'd say looks really good except I would say ditch some of the yolks and get more fats from fish oil, extra virgin olive oil, and flax oil, as they would not only be healthier, but more beneficial in this kind of ultra high intensity training.

I also noticed you're not getting a whole lot of vegetables or fruits. I'd say you should try and throw in some sweet potato instead of some of the white potatos and add in broccoli/other good veggies. I would also say some blueberries would be good with some honey in your oats to get alot of good antioxidants.

Good for you that you've got that kind of dedication to eat that much. I'm in the same boat, 5'10 145, and a rediculous metabolism. I can barely maintain on 4,000 kcals. when I'm practically sedentary other than going to school and working out 4x a week. I am doing G-Flux training as well and am giong to need in the 6,000+ range.

Good luck man.


It's really not as bad as it sounds. I've been reading articles on this site for a while, and basically came to the conclusion that the only way for a skinny guy to get big is to eat like there's no tomorrow. Supplements are a waste of money for the most part (with the exception of a multivitamin, protein powder, and some sort of EFA source) in my experience. I read JB's diet from the Hollywood Muscle article, and made one of my own. At least in my opinion, nutrition is 90% of the battle for gains for a hardgainer. And willpower is 95% of the battle as far as nutrition is concerned. The other 5% is means, considering this diet isn't very cheap, and may very well be out of reach for HS/college students who don't work or don't receive monthly stipends from their parents (i have a friend whose parents send him $1,500/month while he's at college, i shit you not). By the way, I am very well aware of the glaring lack of vegetables in this diet. I've been following it for a week, and when I was making it, I was just looking for foods that would provide the most bang for the buck. I figured that eggs, milk, oatmeal, potatoes, chicken, tuna, and bread were best.

Btw, I've seen recommendations for red meat elsewhere. Why exactly is it preferred? I know chicken tends to be leaner, which is why I chose it. It's not like I'm shying away from calories, but if I'm gonna pick a meat, I'm doing it for the protein. I can get my fats elsewhere. As far as the milk is concerned, I drink fat-free because it's a lot cheaper where I live (Long Island, NY). I can get a gallon for $2.05 at Costco, as opposed to a whole-milk gallon for like $3.60 at the Dairy Barn. As stated before, I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck. I'm just posting to see what suggestions or adjustments people can contribute. Yea, it's a shitload of food, but the way I see it, you've got to eat big to get big.

p.s. I'd like to hear Dr. JB's take on this. I know the first thing he'd probably say is to add fruits and vegetables.


I would choose more calorie dense foods than you are. Nuts are GREAT for packing in the calories.

With your metabolism being what it is, you could probably dirty up your diet a bit to add more calories. Bagels with a ton of PB work rather well.

And while you are on a budget, a protein powder WOULD be very beneficial to you if you can swing it. It's easy to consume a large amount of liquid calories. Throw in some olive oil, berries, PB, whatever you like.


A high calorie protein shake would be quite interesting considering the quantity of eggs you doulb be eating. Protein powder + peanut butter + olive oil + oats would easily add calories to your diet without feeling too full.



Good luck mate, I am looking forward to seeing how you do. I am 4 inches taller than you and about 80 lbs heavier and I dont think that I could eat that much. I would like to be able to as I am still bulking, but I struggle getting much above 5000 cal of clean food (I have started eating dirtier to get above this).