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Comments on Sumo Deadlifts


Hi there folks

A few weeks ago I swwitched from Conventional to Sumo Deadlifts.

I think my technique is quite solid, but maye you could spot some errors or give me hints what to improve.

Here's the video of the meet I competed last weekend.
As you probably guesed the deadlifts are at the end ^^


Thank you guys


First off, who has a music video made out of their meets? But I digress.

It's difficult to say with the deadlift what is and isn't good form, since it varies from person to person. But here's what I think.

1) You're going too low. It's a deadlift, not a squat.

2) You sat in the hole waayyyyy too long. You shouldn't be crouched down for more than 2 seconds before the weight starts to come up. You'll ruin the stretch reflex if you stay down too long, and tire yourself out.

The time to get yourself psyched up is while you're standing up, not when you're holding on to the bar.

A good way to practice this is to take a big breath of air into your diaphragm while standing up, and not release it till the bar starts moving. This will allow you to get more air into your diaphragm, and give you an incentive to pull fast.


I think the music was an excellent touch!
I agree you may be going a little too low and staying down too long.
BTW is that a DL suit or a SQ suit you're using for the DL?




Your lifts look spot on. Go as low in the dead as you need to get your back set and not started in a round, that is more important than stretch reflex for now.

Your off to a great start, keep it up. It will be great to have this video one day when your hitting weights twice as heavy.


I agree with Viking. There is nothing wrong with your starting position, and your form looks great.

One comment:

Finish the lift crisply. What I mean by that is as soon as you break the floor drive those hips and pop them strong into the lockout position.

You actually do this reasonably well already, but it is important so maintain focus on this. Obviously, this is hard to do on a limit pull but doing it in training will really help you to drive through sticking points and pull out a grinder.

You look great, dude.


Okay, thanks for the input.

And I used the Centurion Suit for both the Squat and the Deadlift.
It's a little loose cuz I think that's better for a beginner to get used to gear and I can grow into it so I do not have to buy a new one too early.


what weight class are you in ?

you will soon lift 200kg!

that is a nice barrier!

work hard and smart!


I thought your form was great. That's the way I do it. A proper deadlift should not be stiff-legged. I could probably pull 50+ more pounds with terrible form.

It is suspicious when a tall person that weighs under 200 pounds is deadlifting 400+, it almost ALWAYS means with horrible stiff-legged form.

People with long legs are always guilty of this, especially conventional DLers. They start out fine, but then their hips shoot way the hell up and their spine takes all the load. Sure, it may get the weight up, but I bet there will be back problems down the road.


I currently weigh 143lbs/65kg and lift in the Juniors 148lbs class


Hmm, I actually agree with what he said here. Besides the music part(who cares if you have music). I honestly think you did sit in the hole too long, but if it works for you do what you please. Maybe experiment with everything he said above and see which works better for you. I do it the same way as cap said and it works wayyyyyy better for me.


I don't think you sat in the hole too long.

1.)You arranged your grip.

2.) Dipped your hips

3.) and pulled.

the dip and the pull followed sequentially, THERE WAS NO WAITING AT THE BOTTOM.

The only thing I would suggest is taking your breath before your 'dip'. I cannot tell if you are doing this already.

Your form is good on all of the lifts. I would suggest as you get comfortable, try descending in both the squat and bench a bit faster. You will see people do the lifts all sorts of ways (fast vs. slow descent). I like to go as fast as possible with control. You will have to find your own balance; however, you should try it different ways to find what suits you.

Good vids.