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Comments on my Weekly Routine?


Hey, first post on the forum.
17 yr old kid from Australia here, 6'1, 74kg which is like 165lbs, I'm making this thread because i would very much appreciate some comments on my weekly routine which is as follows:

Squat (5 sets, 5 reps)
Dead lift (5 sets, 5 reps)
Shrugs (2 sets, 8 reps)
Ab work

2 days rest:
Skipping and running will be done on rest days.

Monday: Muay Thai

Weighted Dips (5 sets, 5 reps
Weighted Pull ups (5 sets, 5 reps)
Dumbbell press (3 sets, 8 reps)
1 armed rows (3 sets, 8 reps)
â??Breathingâ?? pulloverâ?? (1 set)
Ab work

Wednesday: Muay Thai

2 days rest:
Skipping, running and sprints on rest days

Overhead press (5 sets, 5 reps)
Pull ups (3 sets, to exhaustion)
Dips (3 sets, to exhaustion)
Ab work
Farmers Walk

Friday: Muay Thai

I've been trying to follow this as best as possible, mostly missing muay Thai and the cardio work in between weight training days, I also made up some goals which I'd like to get some feedback on, e.g if they are suitable goals for a aspiring muay thai fighter.

Squat X2 bodyweight
Deadlift X2 body weight
Dumbbell Press body weight
Pull 45kg one arm
Dip 100kg(bodyweight + added weight)
Pull up 100kg (bodyweight + added weight)
Overhead press bodyweight
Perform freestanding handstand push ups

Any criticism, hopefully constructive, would be greatly appreciated. My ab work is currently all messed up because I was talking to a guy and he said to do all my ab work standing/upright to benefit my deadlift more so i started doing that recently(knee ups hanging from the pull up bar and side bends).

Thanks in advance.


if you can squat and deadlift 5x5 in the same session you're a better man than me. Both use the posterior chain extensively, your hams and glutes are gonna be heavily fatigued before you even start deadlifting which will cause you to use your lower back more and probably hurt yourself. I dont think you will be able to adequately progress on both exercises if you do that volume on the same day.

have you looked into any of the programs on the site? have you been to the combat sports forum to see what they recommend? they may well be able to help you more.


Now I see your do MT (awesome) so my comments are going to be to help you be a better conditioned person/fighter.

for conditioning work....do some cardio. not super long runs or jogs though. do some sprints.

i'm not sure what yo have at your disposal for equipment so i can't really suggest anything else.


I was doing squats n deadlifts pretty well, I guess i could do it well was because I never struggled with it as i wanted to focus on form more than anything since I'm pretty new to weight training.

I haven't looked at any programs or the combat sports forum so i guess I'll have to do that.

B rocK:

"You're going to need to devise a diet that will allow you to gain weight at your age and extreme levels of activity. Work on that."

I've been stuck at my weight for awhile(but I continue to get stronger which is always good), since I'm quite tall I've been wanting to bulk up to fight at a higher weight, I eat as much as i can, have a protein shake in a post workout meal(on weight training days). My diet is really loose atm, I eat everything i can get, as long as it seems healthy enough, I'm not very educated on nutrition so i really have no idea what I should be eating etc.

So with your changes my new routine should look something like this?

First session:
DB shoulder press(seated or standing?)
Side bends

Second session:
Pull ups
explosive exercise, I don't really know what constitutes an explosive exercise so if someone could suggest a good one for me I would be very grateful
ab work(side bends and hanging knee ups?)

Third session:
Overhead press
Seated row
Close grip bench press
farmers walk

My cardio right now is a short run(like 1k) to a nearby hill n then I do a couple of sprints up this hill and then i run back, but before i go for the run I skip for the length of whatever song I'm listening to.

Much appreciated help guys, If only someone could help me with set/rep selection for the exercises, and any further feedback/comments anyone has.


Whilst form is key, every session should challenge you in some way and push you close to your limits. Whilst you may get away with it now, at some point soon one exercise will effect the other and you will probably have to split them, it might just be easier to that now rather than wait. If you are adding weight or reps every week I wouldnt worry about it as much...but dont short change yourself on the intensity, the exercises should be relatively tough.