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this is my prog.

Monday - Chest and biceps
Incline db press x 4(sets)
Incline bb press x4
decline bb press x4
flat bb press x 4
Cable cross over x 4
Ez bb curl x 4
Olympic bb curl x4
Db curl x 4 ( sometimes can't finish it )

Wednesday - Back and tricep
Deadlift x 4
BB row x 4
Chin up x 4
Skull crusher x4
Tricep pulldown or whatever you call it x4
Dip x 4

Friday- shoulder and bicep
Arnold db press x 4
Shoulder BB press (smith) x4
Fly reversed x4
cable rear delt row x4
Upright row x4
BB curl x4
Db curl x4

Sunday - Legs
BB calves raise x6
seated calves raise x4
Squat x 4
leg press x3
Straight leg deadflit x 4
Leg curl x3
Seated leg curl x3
Inner thigh machine x3

now I didn't post reps. I basically increase weights for each reps and the reps gets fewer.
So critique my routine please.


I think your program would look better like this

Day One: Chest and Biceps (Monday)

A1)Incline Db or barbell Press
A2)Barbell Reverse Curls

B1) Decline Bench BB Press
B2) Seated Hammer DB Curls

C1) Flat Bench Barbell Press
C2) Incline DB Curls

D) Cable Cross Overs: 1 drop set - 1 x 10-10-10.

Day Two - Legs and Calves (tuesday)
A1)BB calves raise
A2)seated calves raise

B1) Barbell Squat
10 seconds rest
B2)leg press
120 seconds rest between sets

C1)Straight leg deadlift
10 seconds rest
C2)Leg curl
120 seconds rest between sets

Day Four - Back and triceps (Thursday) -
A1) Barbell Rows
A2) Parallel Bar Dips

B1) Chin ups/Pull ups
B2) Skull crusher

C1) Barbell Shrugs
C2) Reverse Tricep pulldown

Day Five - Deadlifts, Shoulders and Forearms - (friday or Saturday)

A)Barbell Deadlifts

B1)Arnold Presses - super set
10 seconds rest
B2)Upright row
120 seconds rest
B3) Cable Rear Delt Raises
10 seconds rest

C1) Barbell Supinated Wrist Curls
10 Seconds Rest
C2) Wrist Roller for 30 -60 seconds
180 seconds rest


training goal?



My training goal is to build mass on my body. I wanna look kinda big not too big though. I'm 5'11" and 153lbs. Over the 5 months I did gain 13 lbs and little mass but progress is not that good. Yea I definitely wanna be up to 175-180lbs. And have nice upper and lower body.


not flaming you but do you really need 16 sets of bench press and 12 sets of curls?

Just saying there are other, more constructive things to do even on a bodypart split. What about dips on the same day instead of a variation of the bench? Just thinking out loud


1.) Unless you're just starting out, do less volume for each muscle-group. I.e. do one exercise (i.e. 3 sets) of biceps curls, but do enough weight so that you don't need to do 3 different curling exercises.

2.) You've got too much pushing (i.e. bench-press, overhead press, triceps-extensions, etc) and not enough pulling (Rowing, chin-ups, etc.) You should have a one-to-one ratio. Drop a few of the bench-press equivalents. Also, try doing weighted chin-ups/dips. You'll get more bang for your time.

3.) Every workout should start with squatting or deadlifting. Working big muscles like your glutes, quads and hamstrings will stimulate your endocrine system to produce more growth hormone than working, say, your biceps. Its like free, natural steroids!

4.) You might want to think about switching it up to do more full-body routines, and not just 1-2 body-parts per day. I.e. go for squatting/benching/pressing on one workout, then deadlifting/rowing/curling


I am going to beat a dead horse and say that you should focus more on the core lifts. It looks to me like you have a lot of auxiliary lifts in this program. I think you should look into CW's 10x3 program or Dan John's OLAD program. You said that your gains are stagnant, so you need to try something different. I picked these two because they seem to be totally different then what you are doing.

Instead of spending all the time multiple lifts, you should really take your time to perfect the core ones. If you want me to help you more, PM me. BTW, it requires A LOT of work to be gain weight and become huge. So get in the mindset that you want to be huge and when you reach your goal, you can change things.

Hope I helped


Could someone point me in the right direction(linky?) to CW's 10x3 program? I want to build mass and I like the sound of 10x3. Thanks



disregard my last post


omg...how long does it take to finish that program...like 3 hours i bet, man you need to keep it simple: Y

You want mass then look at the mass builder excersises like weighted dips instead of scull crushers...here check it out