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Comments On My Next Training Cycle

I?m planning on doing a upper/lower body-split for a while now, after doing full-body for a while. Would appreciate comments, so i can make adjustments before starting.

Step up 12x2
Good Mornings 12x2
Leg Curl 3x4
Frog Squat 3x4
Standing calf raise , narrow stance 12x2
Standing calf raise, wide stance 3x4
Leg raises 12x2

Lying dumbbell press 12x2
One-arm dumbbell row 12x2
Dips 3x4
Pull-ups, narrow grip 3x4
Teres Minor execrise 3x12

Wednesday: OFF

Front squat 5x10
RDL 5x10
Seated calf raise 5x10
Weighted sit-ups 4x10
Hyperextension 2x20
Reversed Hyper 1x10

Incline barbellpress 5x10
Pull ups, wide grip 5x10
Cuban press 3x12
Lying lateral raise 3x12
Lying rear lateral raise 3x12

Arms will get the “Perfect 10”-treatment.
Will probably superset some exercises to save time.


20 sets for some workouts. You’re game.

My 2c. I don’t like it. It’s too much and the balancing is questionable at best.

I have used Waterburys “Set/Rep Bible”, and made mondays and tuesdays days when i?m aiming for maximal strength with hypertrofy. The amount of reps for the big muscle-groups comes down to 36, wich is the roof Chad sets in the bible. I will not use loads that?s 90% or more of my 1RM.

Thursdays and fridays are for hypertrophy, and Chad sets the roof to 50 reps there. I?m not going over that in any session.

Please elaborate on the balancing issue.