Comments On My GVT Program!

For the last couple of days, i’ve been reading all of the articles about German volumen Training, i could get my hands around.

I would like your comments/critics/advis, about the program i have put togheter:

The program will be in 5 days cyklus. The exercises will be perfomed in 3-0-2 tempo.
i will starte with a weight of 60% 1rm and there from make add 2,5 to 5% per week.

Day1 chest og back:

Benchpress 10x10( 90 sec. rest)

Incline dumbell flyes 3x10( 60 sec. rest)

Chin-up 10x3( 90 sec. rest)

bent over rows 3x10.(60 sec. rest)

Day2 leg og abs:

Squat 10x10( 90 sec. rest)

d?dl?ft 6x10( 90 sec. rest)

cabel crunches 3x10(60 sec. rest)

hanging leg raises 3x10(60 sec. rest)

dag3 skulder og arme:

Military presses 10x10( 90 sec. rest)

seated lateral side raises 3x10( 60 sec. rest)

dips 10x10( 90 sec. rest)

incline DB curls 4x8.( 60 sec. rest)

I would like to appoligies for mis spelings and poor languaes. But english is only my second language.

No one?? :frowning:

Are you going to have rest days in between each day? I tried GVT type training before, and I think it really helped improve my dipping ability, but that is a lot of volume. I used to do 10 sets of 10 dips and chins supersetted to save time, which is less than what you are doing.

I’d say if you want try it, if I’d back off on anything first it’d be the squats and deads…thats a lot of leg work in 1 workout.

Take a look on the web for German Volume Training or even Charles Poliquin site. I believe there are some example programs for GVT. From what I recall CP didn’t pair Squats and DLs because that would be extremely taxing for this hypertrophy phase. I believe he paired squats with Ham Curls. He also didn’t do 10 sets for shoulders as the benching and chin work took care of a lot of the delt work. He added some lateral raise moves on the arm day after doing 10s for dips(for tris) and bi-curls - for shoulders something like 3x10 of L-lateral raise superset with rear lateral raise). I may be a little off, but too much on this program could where you down a little. Another thing I recall is CP used the 10x10 for a limited time frame and then moved to other 10x(reps like 6, 4, etc). I know there is stuff on the web, also probably on t-nation in the archives somewhere.

I did GVT for a six week period and I think it made me larger (no stronger. However, I didn’t like it very much. I think it has a high burn out factor. Just one mans thoughts.

Nuts to non-functional hypertrophy.

For the most part, people’s goals should be to lift a certain amount weight rather than be a certain amount of weight.

I usally train on Sheiko based programms, and Wsb based once in a while, so i have what i consider to be a large work capacity. But when i look closer i can see what you mean by Deads and squats might be to much on the same day, i am considering to substitute the deads, with stiff legged-deadlift 4x8?.
train will be every second day in the 5 day cycles.
I am only planning to train Gvt for about three months( with two seperated weeks of decondition during the three months), the last month, i will probaly change to heavie lifting(10x3 instead 10x10).

A modern version of GVT is OVT by Christian Thibadeau. It is a very effective 4 days split. You may find the articles concerning OVT in section “Authors”.