Comments on My Diet?

Hi there, first post here so be gentle.
I’m starting a proper diet, looking to increase weight while starting on a 3*8 program. 6ft @ 164lbs
Can I get you comments on this diet:

5:00 - Cup Porridge
4 eggs (1 full 3 whites)
1 Glass Fruit Juice

6:30 - 7:30 : Train
After training PWO shake Whey and Dextrose

9:30 - Cup Porridge + Whey stirred in

11:30 - Yoghurt + Piece of fruit

13:30 - 10oz Meat + veg + rice/pasta

piece of fruit somewhere inbetween

16:30 - MRP bar recipe taken from MWA

18:30 - Full dinner meat veg potatoes (healthy)

21:30 - MRP bar or 2 slices wholegrain bread + Peanut butter.

Diet is mostly the same on days off just breakfast @ 6:30 instead.

So how does this look for a beginner bulking diet. Do I need to change much around.

Eat more.

For a guy your size I don’t think it’s bad. Are you making gains on it? Have you calculated your calories and also your calorie needs? You want to be in a reasonable surplus. You can only gain so fast so you don’t want to eat like a pig.


11:30 - Drop what you having here and have protein with some vegetables. Have another snack at 3pm - 2 handfuls mixed nuts and protein in some form (Shake?)

Are you naturally skinny and don’t eat much? If so, then try this out and see how it goes - if you are gaining weight, great, if not then increase your portion sizes. If you easily add fat or used to be fat, then this diet is not a good idea.

Other than that, I would add more fats (fish, olive oil/flax, etc). You’re eating often, have protein and veg every meal (veg in 80% of your meals), get your good fats and get 8-9 hours sleep.

Eat the whole egg.

[quote]DoubleSidedTape wrote:
Eat the whole egg.[/quote]


So the general diet seems ok then. I can increase the servings as I go if I don’t see any improvements just wanted to check that the general diet was ok.

Basically, increase your protein and good fat consumption.

You should read the 7 habits by Berardi. Do a search. Start a nutrition log, there is fitday which is an online food log or you can simply keep track of one yourself. If you want one and have MS excel PM me your email and I can send you one I made a few years ago.

[quote]DoubleSidedTape wrote:
Eat the whole egg.[/quote]

This is a very good statement.

Personally I never gain allott of muscle eating a ton of low fat meals. Regardless if they are great insulin responders.

I would suggest you add in more fat to your meals. third, mono, poly , and saturated.

so make sure you have like a steak and egg meal, sat_
a chicken , with salad and olive oil meal,

a Metabolic Drive with flax meal.

all your fats bam

then your pwo I and II and pand c carb meal