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Comments on Double Tap with Cy Wilson

Hello. I have just listened to the Double Tap interview with Cy Wilson and just wanted to state that I actually have one of the progressive doctors that Mr. Wilson was speaking of. I am only 25 years old. However, I was diagnosed with idiopathic hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism when I was 22 years old. I did not have a pituitary injury nor did I ever use anabolic steroids. It just happened! Allow me to confirm what Mr. Wilson stated in his interview. There are some VERY strange doctors out there who feel that your testosterone levels must be EXACTLY 299 ng/dL in order for you to be prescribed testosterone. I will reserve my feelings on these men for myself as I do not want to elaborate my negative feelings on such men! I went to several doctors who said “nothing is wrong” despite the fact that a few months after I had come down with symptoms that my life was becoming VERY difficult in the sense that the world seemed like a dark hole to me, an otherwise happy, clear minded, energetic, muscular, and creative individual with a high libido.

Anyway, after FINALLY seeing a quality andrologist, I was prescribed Androgel and life is pretty darn good for the past few years, just like it was before I had been diagnosed with IHH. My doctor keeps me in the high normal range (800 to 1,000 ng/dL) and I only need 7.5 grams (7.5 mg of testosterone)of Androgel a day to do this.

Yes, Wilson is right in the sense that recovery, fat loss, and muscular gains are not abnormal but are what I would call optimal when at this level of testosterone. If any of you guys are struggling with low testosterone levels, I strongly suggest you see a progressive, qualified urologist who has also completed a fellowship in andrology. Many of these individuals are listed at www.impotencespecialists.org.

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bushboy, i agree with you totally. espeacially with the state of GP’s in U.K.
i had an incident with one of my testicles where i found a lump. of course i immediately proceded to panic and think the worst things.
anyway, long story short as i visited my GP he asked me to whip out my ‘goods’ and show him where the problem was…now i’m no expert, but WTF? does he have MRI vision or X-ray eyes? anyway…i had to wait for the appointment to get my scan for 4.5 months. shit, by then i might have developed full blown cancer and died.

damn NHS

we certainly need more good doctors(or good education :))

stay well