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comments on diet

I am currently trying to get cut. I pretty much stick to the same meals everyday. Could anyone give their 2 cents on this eating plan and give me some help?

  1. Protien shake; 2 eggs, tbsp pb, bananna and a cup of milk all blended together.
  2. 1/2cup mixed nuts, 1 bananna, and 1 piece sharp cheddar with a few whole wheat crackers
  3. 2 chix breasts or 1/4 lb of ground beef with some broccolli
    4)gatorade with training
  4. same as meal #3
  5. 1/2 cup cottage chz with some wheat crackers

I pretty much do this everyday with some changes like having tuna instead of chix or beef etc…
I train 4 days per week, with another 3-4 days cardio( about 30 min of jump rope).
Not enough protien, too many carbs? I’ll let you guys decide, This is the only site that I have grown to trust.
Appreciate any info , thanks Mikek

Check out the Don’t Diet diet here. Also, read the rest of the articles by Berardi. Your food combinations you have chosen are going to work against you. Look up the stagger and taper philosophy as well as trying to partition your fats and carbs in different meals. Oh yeah - don’t take in any carbh without protein (ie. your work out drink).

Why don’t you count up the protein, carbs etc and give us the numbers?

Thanks for the comments fellas. I’ll add up all of the kcals, pro, carbs , and fat and get back in a couple days. I have been hearing alot about the tdawg2 diet and am interested in trying it. Could someone give me the link to the diet so I could print it and possibly try it. appreciate it. Mikek


Reading JB’s "7 habits… " article will give you a good base to start with to go into any diet. The concepts of the article if nailed down will be of great help to transition into Tdawg or Dont Diet diet also.

here is the article:


Hope that helps,

Hey, there, Mikek. You and I are in the same boat: This is about the only site on the 'Net that I would trust my body comp to, also. (grin)

Davo was onto something when he asked for numbers. Part of dialing in your diet is getting enough protein and fat and timing your carbs to best advantage.

Get into someone you trust and get your BF measured. That and your weight and a number of us here would be able to give you some pretty precise guidelines on how much protein and fat you should be taking in.

T-Dawg 2.0 is an excellent choice. To find it, just type it into the search engine at the left of your screen. Be sure to change the “T-Forums” default to “T-Mag” in the drop down window.

I also liked Phill’s recommendation re the 7 Habits. We like JB 'round here a whole lot! (grin)

The one other article I would recommend that you read in the meantime is one by John Berardi, “Solving the Post Workout Puzzle,” I & II. Optimizing PWO nutrition would be huge step in the right direction.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Looks like between the 4 of us we covered all the bases for you mikek, now it’s in your hands to read up and post the requested info…

They basically covered it all, but I will add a little bit more. I would also advice that you look at t-dawg 2.0. Try to get your carbs from oats, fiborous vegtables, and your pwo drink/meal. You might want to get a free acount over at fitday.com, it logs all the numbers and give you protein/fat/carb ratios. You also may want to search “foods that make you look good nekid” which gives you food choices from each group.

yeah read up on berardi.
meal 2: what is that all about?

Thanks to everyone for their time with one of the newer guys to the iron game. I am going to read the suggested articles and rethink my diet stratagies. I’ll post my new diet when I get it all together after some good research. Thanks andrew1 for the fit day link. That site is great and saves me alot of time.