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Im not sure if this was a new tlc program but i just wanted to here what people thought about the "The Man Who's Arms Exploded" program. They talked about how after the first drop of a steriod enters your body it gets on/in every cell and over a long period of time will cause the arteries to harden or tumors. I think it sounded kind of extreme and exagerated.


Yes very extremely exagerated. The real dangers of bodybuilding are the slin use, and the excessive shifts in weight - putting on 30lbs in 1 week following a contest is very unhealthy, not to mention the Lee Priest-like gains in fat that a lot of BB do in the off season. They are just asking for a heart attack by the time they are 50. Keep in mind that all that fat has to be reabsorbed into the blood stream in order to be used as energy, and it is saturated, so it is going to cause plaque buildup and arthrosclerosis, which in turn will lead to heart attacks and strokes.




It's abuse, rather than intelligent use, that causes the problems. Young guys/girls want to put on as much mass, as quickly as they can with no idea of the impact that this can have on the body. BB/Strength sports are littered with the bodies of people who abused AAS and other performance enhancing drugs trying to get that edge.


I'm going to go out on the limb here and say I entirely believe it. I've looked up as much info as I can get my hands on about steroids (that's all educational info as in scholarly articles by the way) and they all say that exact same thing. I'm going to school for biology so this is real interesting stuff to me. Also, I have a relative who went to school with one of those people who abused the stuff, and the guy ended up having a heart attack when he was 17! Sure that agrees with what you guys are talking about, but I wouldn't risk using steroids and ending up like that anyway. I know some users think guys who don't use it are pussies, but maybe we're just smarter than you. There's a thing about being fit that some tend to overlook, and that's the fact that the point is to be HEALTHY. If you're just in it for the muscle then what the hell's the point? Muscle will ultimately turn to fat and/or weaken as you age anyway. I see no point in lifting just for something that's not going to last the way a healthy lifestyle does.
That's my two cents
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Not to be snide, but I'd question what literature you've been reading if you think that ultimately muscle will turn into fat.





what in the hell? i got 1 name for you. my friends grandfather. my friend played football at my school and now is the runningback for OU. BOB CLAPP! the man is over 60 years old and hes abused the gear more than anyone should. i can guarantee he is healthier than anyone on this site.



I always thought that turning muscle into fat was like turning water into gold.


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Yeah. Thats it. We all sit around doing steroids(we share needles while we're at it) and when we get a chance we call everyone who doesn't do steroids a pussy. We also all die at 17.

You have the right to your own opinion, but I feel obligated to inform you that your opinion reeks of ignorance.


i figured it was an exageration. thanks for the reasurance.


If your friend was doing juice at an early enough age to have been considered a "juice user" when he died at 17 he must have started pretty young, which means he was probably pretty uninformed about what he was doing and was probably doing it wrong, doing it recklessly, and also stupid enough to be doing some other really dumb sh!t which contributed to his death. It would be tough to tell without a lot more info but I would agree with bushy that he was likely a high risk for a heart attack before the juice.



I have a strong feeling there are some pretty young guys on this post right now who have been bombarded with alot of anti AAS propaganda. Keep researching, if you don't want to do them, don't. But please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! DON'T say stuff like the muscle will turn to fat, or give examples of how your friend died at 17 from ABUSING steroids.


Yes, I saw that show. Yes, that is bullshit.
It would be the same thing for an emphysema patient who smoked 3 packs a day for 30 years to claim and one puff will char your lungs and harden your arteries.

That guy was a remorseful user because he waaay over did it and now he is sorry. I think most everybody knows about moderate and intelligent use by now. I had high hopes for the show, but in the end it's the same media bullshit and the same misinformation they have always propagated.


How about the fact that the whole time "misinformed people" at home watching thing that Greg Valentino's arms look like that from taking steroids?????? IT'S SYNTHVOL, NOT MUSCLE JUST A BUNCH OF OIL SHOT INTO HIS ARMS. The fact that they failed to mention THAT, beyond anything else that might have been misleading/over exaggerated on the program, is what made it lose ANY credibility.


I laughed at that idiot Michalik when he claimed every molecule of steriod is a time bomb waiting to explode into cancer or whatever. That dope was notorious for being one of the worst ABUSERS of beans in history, yet his stupid-ass is still alive? I have no respect for imbeciles that load up when they can, then want you to refrain completely because they were stupid and fucked themselves up with their lack of control.


I'm not here to make any enemies, but if you're planning on winning an arguement against me yoou'd better have some clear-cut facts backing you up. I just did a little search on the net and found these articles randomly (to grant you easier access to some of what I go by in my reasoning). I'll give you the benefit of understanding that most of the "common-sense" of steroid effects are just a collection of blindly followed facts and opinions, but take a look at some of these CREDIBLE sources:


All you?ve gotta do is read the first paragraph in this one:

Pay close attention to what some of these articles, including this one, say about LDL levels:
Again, I don't want to sound like an anti-steroid columnist, but I hate when people try to tell me that my ideas are ignorant/not well-backed. They are. I also apologize to the creator of this thread because I understand this wasn't the kind of discussion he had in mind when creating it. Just take a look at the sources.


You are so ignorant it's disgusting...I suggest that if you really want to understand steroid use an its effects you have a LOT more reading to do. You obviously don't have enough context to truely understand the articles you've posted here. Honestly, your post reminds me of the school retard coming up and saying "if you want to win an argument with me you'll have to do your homework!" There are guys in this forum with degrees in biology, medicine, physiology, etc and have researched these topic for much of their lives, and you have the nerve to come in here and act like everyone is an idiot but you? Your arrogance is, simply put, appalling. My guess is no one is planning on winning an argument with you because having an argument with someone requires both parties have at least a basic understanding of the topic at hand, something you clearly lack.

BTW, what school are you going to? I'd like to know which program is teaching its students that "muscle turns into fat". You learned that in Alchemy 101, right?


You can get a study to back up anything. Anthony Roberts has got studies showing that the ONLY long-term side effect of using steriods is increased muscle mass.

Every study done is funded by someone with an agenda to push. Funnily enough, the studies they pay for reflect the outcome they want. If they don't, you never hear of the studies.

To the OP, that guy was full of shit. Steriods are legally given to people every day for a wide variety of reasons. They do not affect your body in the way that that guy said. It did fit very well with the "Evil Steriod" theme of the show, and that is why it was included.