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Comments on cycle

Ok, guys I need some feed back on my cycle. I have done a few small cycles before, but this is by far the mos intense cycle I have done.
This is a 12 week cycle.
These are stacked to gether during the first 6 weeks.

500mg of sustenon weeks 1-6
400mg of Deca weeks 1-5
50mg of D-bol weeks 1-4
400 mg of cypinate week 7-11
200 mg of Winnie week 8-12
350 mg of Equiose week 6-12
Of coarse clomid will be used, 25mg a day week 1-12. Then 50mg a day for one week following.
HCG 500 IU a day for 20 days.

I was think of adding in Tribex, but don’t know how much or at what time.

I have not done a cycle in 4 years and this will be my only cycle to do this year.

I bodybuilder friend of mine set this up for me and he gained about 50 lbs and kept 30.
I just wanted to see what all of you had to say and what y’all might think I could gain on this.

Any comments or sugestions?

Let me first say, that the cycle your friend has prepared for you, is a very intense androgen receptor site binding program, as well as aromatizing. I am not saying that is a bad thing, but you should be aware of the possible nut shutdown and the possible male boobs. I will agree that you should put on a tremendous amount of weight. Let’s hope it is not fat. I would love for you to use Tribex 500 at the end of the cycle, but I believe that you are throwing sand on beach with all of the HCG and Clomid. I will make this one suggestion…add some cardio in 3 times per week, as well as Arimidex if possible. Let me know how it goes.

IMO, that’s a pretty intense cycle after not using for 4 years. You could use considerable less and probably gain close to the same lbm while not having the side effects you would most likely experience using 1,650mg/week of gear for six weeks. Seriously, this cycle your friend designed ain’t that good. Why do you go from 1,650mg/week for six weeks, then in week 7 only 200mg winstrol, then for the remainder 5 weeks only 350mg/week of Eq and 200mg winstrol? Ask your “friend” why you would cut back dosages? You’ll have some suppression by staying on for that long regardless of the Clomid and HCG. Since you are using Clomid and HCG, save your money and don’t use Tribex. As Jeff said, you’re using a lot of aromatizing steroids so you would gain a lot of water weight and then lose a lot of water weight. Consider using less gear and shortening your cycle. You’ll be happy with your gains and happy that you still have hair and a nutsack.

Thanks for the replies, I hope I get a few more. Scott, I will ask my friend that. I already have the Tribex so I am not wasting any $$. I jsut thought that since this is such a strong cycle and I know my nuts would probably shut down, the tribex would help.
Since you know how much & what I have, what you suggest doing. I already have most of the gear in. A little back ground, 23 6’2, 270, probably 15% bf (been bluking for the past year, the leanest I have ever been is 10%)
It is not hard for me to pack on muscle or fat for that matter.

What was your last cycle (length, gear, dosages) and how did you respond to it??

My last cycle was when I was in High school, had no idea what I was doing. I just did what the rest of the Football team told me to do. I took test 200 from Brovel 1 cc eod. I got strong as shit, but as soon as I got off I lost everything. Will I was on, I felt great, me bench went from 285 to almost 400. My squat went from 405 to over 630. Now, I could care less about stength, I just want to get big. I have done the research now and i know how to use smart. I saw my friend blow up on this exact cycle, minus the HCG, and he did not crash too much after.

Ok, guys. I cannot afford to buy anything else, & I don’t want tits, so I am going to break up my 12 week cycle into 2, 6 week cycles with 4-6 weeks between. This is what I am thinking. Please let me know if you think/know a better way to stack me gear.

Sustonon - 500mg/week from week 1-6.
D-bol - 50mg/day from week 1-4.
Clomid - 25mg/day week 1-6 & 50 mg/day for 1 week afer.
HCG - 5000 IU’s for week 7.

After my 4-6 weeks off:

Cypionate - 400mg/week from week 1-5
Winstrol - 200mg/week from week 2-6
Deca - 400mg/week from week 1-5
Equipoise - 400mg/week from week 1-6
Clomid - 25mg/EOD from week 1-7
HCG - 5000 IU’s for week 7

ok, so you’re doing 6 weeks on, 6 weeks off, then repeat? Your 1st cycle is good with 850mg of total steroid (dbol & sust) for the initial four weeks and 500mg the last two weeks. Take the clomid for 2 weeks after instead of 1 week and only do 500IU (not 5000) each day of HCG for weeks 6 & 7. You should make some pretty good gains from this one.

Your 2nd 6 week cycle there is a lot more total steroid being taken and I hope you realize this. The first week you’re taking 1,200mg, weeks 2-5 are 1,400mg/week, and the last week is 600mg/week. I don’t recommend taking Deca with Equipose especially at that high of dosages. Move the Deca to the 1st cycle and even out the dosages. Also, do the same for the clomid and HCG as you do in the first cycle.

With your gear here’s what I recommend you do. 1st six week cycle: 500mg/week of Sustanon, 400mg/week of Deca, 35mg/day of dbol for all six weeks. Clomid 25mg/day (or 50mg EOD) throughout and 50mg/day for 2 weeks post. HCG at 500IU/day for last week and 1 week post cycle. 2nd week cycle: 400mg/week of T-cypt, 400mg/week of Equipose (weeks 1-3), 300mg/week of Winstrol (weeks 4-6). Same thing for Clomid and HCG.

I don’t know how much you’re looking to gain but if you eat, train, rest correctly then I would guess you’ll gain a good amount of lbm (15, 20, 30?). Good luck man.