Comments on cycle

I have been using AAS for almost 18 months and the results have been very satisfying regarding weight increase (158 lbs - 188 lbs) as well as strength. I would like some comments on the following cycle and the outcome I might expect.

Week 1-8: Test. Enanth. 800 mg/week
Equipose 800 mg/week
Week 1-5: D-bol 50 mg ED
Clomid at the end

Thanks in advance for your comments


those dosages look fine for a nice solid cycle just dont forget ancillaries. that being said. you havent been on for 18 months have you? if so then discontinue now and stay off until you learn more about suppression and let your body recover if it will.

don’t forget to frontload each at 1600mg the first week. second what drago says, if you have been on for 18 straight months get off and recover first.

Me bad english. Of course, I have been taking brakes between the cycles to recover. With proper eating and training, what could I expect after 8 weeks, some 10 lbs of muscles (that stays)?


we cant really say what you will get from this cycle. there are too many variables. your diet and training mainly. i would expect a good 20 lbs myself. keeping about 10 to 12 actual lbm.