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No debate. I just pointed out that ephedrine has lead to enough deaths to make the congress hold session. So, for a member to say its a safer way to go…is far from the truth.[/quote]

Stop placing so much faith in congress. When was the last time they actually knew anything about what they were banning?

I’ve only put on about 15 pounds halfway thru this cycle and want to start my clen soon. Any suggestions?

Halfway thru a cycle and only put on 15 pounds so far. Want to start my clen now but would I still be able to slab on weight and get shredded…I’ve never tried clen before so any input would. Be great

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What do you guys think of this article… seems like a bit of hype to me:

No it is not over-hyped clenbutoral is dangerous, as I said before your body actually destroys it’s beta-2 receptors to relieve itself from the drugs effects.[/quote]

I know this is a huge bump, but…some may want to know.

Ketotifen, Phenhydramine, and Benadryl can all be taken while using clenbuterol to upregulate the beta 2 receptor allowing for higher doses and prolonged cycles. :slight_smile:

im pretty sure that if you take benadryl, you would get same effects during your clen cycle with smaller of a dosage. because it refreshes your receptors.

Clen vs ephedra?

Beta-2 antagonists right? clen is like a delicate pin that presses a button on a delicate keyboard of a body to do what ever it does to the receptor. Ephedra is like a huge sledge hammer to that keyboard. Ephedra in my opinion is less dangerous though. The things that i went through with my heard during my clen cycle almost had me feeling liek id die. So use clen in moderation, use everything in moderation. dont forget, one body. thats all you get.

by the way, above is a paraphrase from reserach i did a year ago, so i dont remember it perfectly, but it sounds right.

there is a difference b/w ephedra and ephedrine, imo ephedrine is much more effective at burning fat than reg. ma haung or chinese ephedra.

If I had to choose b/w the two Ephedrine v Clen, I’d go with the clen, its more effective and doesn’t affect your sleep.

Interesting thread an oldie but good. I love clen and will continue to use it when I see fit. It rips the fat off me and although its effects are a pain in the ass at times (I had a lat cramp followed by an oblique which pretty much rendered me handicapped for 20 minutes) its effective and not as deadly as DNP.

to get rid of cramping super dose on taurine, clen depletes potassium levels in blood. Supplement with potassium aswell.

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to get rid of cramping super dose on taurine, clen depletes potassium levels in blood. Supplement with potassium aswell. [/quote]

Yes, and the taurine helps to hold the potassium in the body longer while expelling sodium. Taurine also has a positive effect on your BP…helping to keep it w/i normal ranges.

Absolutely. Thanks for the confirmation, i was kind of doubting my memory.

Does anyone use albuterol? Most of my endo BBer buddies take that over clen, they seem to like it but most guys online seem to prefer the clen…

i have heard about it soontobe but i also heard clen is more potent. Albuteral as far as i remember is the same shit that they put into inhalers, clen is a lot rougher. i could be wrong tho my research is two years old.

No, I think your right dude…quit doubting yourself.
Have you heard anything on the effectiveness of Salbutamol?

its just another name, or a generic albuteral, again used in inhalers.

when it comes to effectiveness i hear that it is more effective over a shgorter period of time when it comes to fat loss and a bit more anabolic… my next choise probably will be albuteral.

Adrenolin, or anyone for that matter

What are some thoughts on liquid clen, such as ones grom the Agricultural Guys if oyu know what i mean. I have only tryed the pills that were 20 mcg from Balkan pharmaceuticals. Actually let me edit somethigs, change clen to albuteral