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Comments on a New Pic...

any comments???

Nothing personal, but you had another thread with more-or-less the same pose and you just uploaded a new picture there. No one has a problem with you adding new pictures, but just keep them in the same thread next time.

I left your comments regarding progress on that thread instead of here.

Holy cow you are a 10!!! Way to post all the required pics so we can actually comment.

good chest striations (avatar)

Your avatar looks better… why?

I’m not especially a fan of the wall paint color. It’s a little distracting. I don’t know how well I could workout in such an atmosphere…


The wall paint color matches the workout equipment material… this gym was designed by a ghey.

You look big but you need more pics.

Now that I think about it, your forearms do not look developed at all. But of course, your pictures blow, so how could I tell?

You’ve been here for a while, yet only have 6 posts, and ya don’t know the rules to RMP. If your physique sucked you’d be flamed for pages by now, but even still it appears you only post your physique to get compliments, then you leave.

btw nice avatar kay

#1 im french so it hard to me to reply in english
#2 what i do whit comment was personal… i take all comment (like:forearms do not look developed at all) and i change my trainning in that way.
#3 sometime some people type stupid thing so… i dont repy that kind on message.

tanks everybody!!

leg pics comming… and im not shy to show that! loll

tu t’entraine au flex?

oui le flex a laprairie(coin tachereau & stjean)Enfin qqun qui parle francais ici!!!
on se connait? toi tu tentraine ou?

nautilus @ brossard :slight_smile: et non on se connait pas jtallé au flex 2-3 fois, jai reconnu les murs loll


oui je la connais !! 3ans d’entrainements ! (jtai écrit en privé pour pas fucké ton thread si tu veux)

French fries

sorry to hijack/add dumb comment, the movie “Better off Dead” was running through my head with all the French back and forth.

French Dressing…

(great movie-lol)


Translated. Your welcome readers

ClarkDan: yes flex has laprairie (corner tachereau & stjean) Finally qqun who speaks French here!

zraw:you know? tentraine or you yourself?

ClarkDan: yes flex has laprairie (corner tachereau & stjean) Finally qqun who speaks French here!
you know? tentraine or you yourself?

zraw: nautilus @ brossard:) and it is not unknown jtallé the 2-3 flex time, jai recognized the walls loll

ClarkDan:w. PS…We should french kiss and play with each others WEE WEEs… W?

zraw: yes I know! 3 years of coaching! (jtai written in private fucké not your thread if you want) and yes, let us make the sex with each others penis tip.

French Fries, good food. Ha Ha