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Comments on 6-Day Split


I'm moving from a 4-day split to a 6-day so I can focus more on isolating body parts. Here's what I have so far, I would like some comments.

Workout A
Bench Press - 4x10
Incline DB Press - 3x10
Cable Fly - 3x10
Peck Deck - 3x15

Workout B
Dead lift - 4x10
Pull Down - 3x10
Hammer High Row - 3x10
DB Row - 3x10

Workout C
BB Curl - 4x10
Hammer Curl - 3x10
Preacher Curl - 3x10
Wrist Curl - 3x10
Cable Curl - 1 drop set

Workout D
Squat - 3x10
Leg Press - 3x10
Leg Curl - 3x10
Calf Raise - 3x10

Workout E
Shoulder Press - 4x10
Upright Row - 3x10
Side Lateral - 3x10
Front Lateral - 3x10
Shrugs - 3x10

Workout F
Dips - 1 set to failure
Tri Pushdown - 4x10
Skull Crusher - 3x10
Overhead Cable Extension - 4x15

I haven't figured out the best order of these days yet but I want to start by making sure this makes sense. My goal is to hit each target muscle hard but I know legs are all grouped into one day. What are thoughts on this?



1 question, where'd you copy and past this workout from?


Firstly: If you are serious and not a troll....

a) What are your stats ? Sure you need a 6-way just yet?

b) Do you do all sets with the same weight or ramp up in weight over the amount of sets mentioned?

I would definitely do a different tricep routine (exercise selection etc)...
And bicep day may be a bit much... Maybe one less exercise?

Maybe add face-pulls to chest or delt day and leave the front raises out.

Also: severe lack of hamstring work.


I was trying to be not quite so forward this time :wink:


yeah i dgaf anymore about being forward ha, but yeah what CC said above. The maaaain problem i have, as i should definitely be addressed if you are going to use this routine, is the totally INADEQUATE Leg day.

Your hamstrings and glutes are totally going to be left out, besides the obvious developmental problem. You will develop an imbalance that will fuck up your knees, been there done that. At a time when i was in high school, and believed that quads were the most important aspect of my legs to work on when going for an increase in speed, I would blast my quads with Squats, Leg Press, Leg Extension, then one fucking exercise, leg curls, for hamstrings.

Once i got to hamstrings i was so beat that i just half assed it.

Within a month or so, I had meniscus issues that I still deal with a little today, but i'm addressing it much better now with more hamstring and glute work than quads, and regular extreme stretching after legs. But this looks like imbalance issues waiting to happen


Wow, this is a paranoid group...

I'm really not interested in wasting anyone's time (mine included) so I am being honest.

I'm 6'4" 220, 38 years old and have been lifting for about 2.5-years. For the first 6-months I worked with a PT that started me on a full body 3-day routine, then moved me to a split. I've been doing a combination of that split and a push/pull back dominated routine since then.

I have gained 20 pounds since I started eating right (about a year). I now and have been eating about 6 quality meals a day.

I do one low weight set to warm up first, add weight for one set then go to max for the last two.

What would you recommend for triceps?

Yeah, I agree the biceps may be a bit much.

Thank you for your input!


I didn't copy and paste this from anywhere. If I had found this routine somewhere I would have simply read about it from the place I found it.

You are right on the legs though, that's what I pointed out in my post. Should I incorporate legs in to the other days?



We have similar stats: I'm 38, 6'2" and 225 lbs. The interesting thing is that I went from a traditional 4-day split to a 3-day weekly routine. Granted, it's a Powerlifting routine - but my goals have changed.

Why not start with a 5-day split, decrease the direct shoulder and triceps days and split legs over those 2 days?

Your shoulders and triceps should get sufficient work earlier in the week depending on set/rep progressions.

Whatever you do, you need to add hamstring work into the equation: Glute Ham Raises, SLDL's, Hamstring Curls, etc to round out your leg routine.

Good luck. Us old fucks have to stick together around here...


Man, I hate thinking I'm an old fuck...


You're not... I'm being sarcastic.


Well, I'm (we're) getting there! :slightly_smiling:


I'm trying something similar right now. Instead of having legs all in one day and bi's and tri's split, I have arms on one day and legs split up.

Its not exactly quads and hams, but more emphasis on quads one day (start with Squats) and hip dominant the other (start with Deads)

Also, Instead of having really similar set/reps for each exercise, i go heavy on the first exercise each day and go for more TUT on the following ones