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Comments About My Cycle?


this is my plan

Test .enanthe 1-12 per week 300mg
deca 1-12 per week 100mg
winstrol (depot) 1-8 week eod 1cc

firstly my plan i just want to take deca and winstrol but seems like deca will get the penis go limp so i add some test to prevent it.

pct done after 3 week last inject of deca.

my goal is just for cutting
currently i'm on my pct right now and its on the way to fisnih at the end of this month..
i already done 2 cycle of bulking.

first cycle i took test prop + deca 300 perweek done 12weeks

second cycle i took test enanthe 250mg + eq 50mg perweek done for 12weeks

seems from those cycle i gains some muscle

So this is first cycle of cutting that i will plan for the next month
i need to loss a fat.
i'm on my diet..clean diet
everyday i'm on cardio everyday 30 to 45 minutes

this my bio :-

height : 5 feet 10inch
weight : 190lbs
bf : %?(mybe around 19
goal :need to lost tone of fat and look ripped and hard muscle
traning : 1 year +

so any comment of my cycle?
or need to change the dose that should i take to make it more interesting and effective
need help of you guys...


Too low dose on deca imo, Im on 350mg TestE and 300mg Deca ea/w.
Im not having any deca dick or anything, but I think you should up deca to about 3-400mg each week.

  • that winstrol should be shot ED.

but too be sure, wait for an answer from a more experienced guy, I just wrote what I've learned from the forums.


Youre skinny fat. Learn to eat

Those stats after 2 cycles is pathetic.


that DEFINITELY had to be said