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Comment on T-levels?

I just had a complete blood test panel done, so can any T-men interpret my testosterone level results? The doc said everything looks fine, but then he isnt concerned with packing on muscle and getting lean, obviously.

Here are my results as they appear in the lab report:

Total testosterone: 911ng/dL

Free testosterone
Testosterone, %, free: 2.8 percent
Testosterone, free: 256.4 pg/mL

Interestingly, the results fall in the “Abnormal” column in the report, and the doc actually asked me if I was on steroids! (nope, just good old Tribex-500… though I didnt take it for two days prior to my blood test) Thanks for your input!

Al- Ho did you go about getting your complete blood test done? Did you just ask for it, or complain of something being wrong with you? Thanks.

It looks to me like you’re in the high normal range, which is a good place to be. About 250 to 1100 is considered “normal” but it can vary from lab to lab.

I don’t remember off hand about % Free testosterone ranges, but I seem to recall that free T is what helps build muscle, so a higher than normal % Free T is good. Sometimes a doctor will get concerned about high % Free T.