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Comment On My Work-Out


Ok, here's the workout I plan to put in effect tomorrow. Why not today? Well, the gym isn't open today. :wink:

Anyway, here it goes. I use this antagonist training schedule with about 45-60 seconds rest between exercises. On day 1 for instance I benchpress, 60 sec rest, bor, 60 sec rest, benchpress again and so on untill I've done 4 sets of benchpresses and bors. The idea is to keep going AND give the muscle enough rest.

Day 1: heavy 4x6
benchpress / bent over row
incl. bench press / assisted pull up
dumbbell tricep extension / concentration curl

Day 2: light shoulder prehab (thanks Alwyn and Chad)
30 minutes of endurance cardio

Day 3: heavy 4x6
Romanian deadlift / seated calfs
hypterextension (weighted) / abs machine

Day 4: medium 4x10
incline dumbell press / assisted pull up
dumbbell press / supine row (bodyweight)
cable push down / hammercurl

Day 5: medium shoulder rehab
grip work (I have small hands)
24 minutes of interval cardio

Day 6: medium 4x10
good morning / standing calfs
wood chop / shrugs

The idea is to loose bodyfat and perhaps gain some muscle.

Any comments? Suggestions?


You're missing squats on your lower body days!

However, trying to alternate between a squat and a pull variation, like you want to, may cause your form to suffer and lower back to give out prematurely.

The best thing to do then is to pair them up with calf exercise, or, do them separately (with 60-90 sec rest).

My suggestion:

Day 3
1. Back Squat 4x6
2. RDL 4x6
3. Abs/Hypers/Calves*

Day 6
1. Lunges 3x10 (or Back Squats again :slight_smile:
2. GM or GHR 3x10
3. Abs/Hypers/Calves*

  • Rotate between some exercises for these 3 with 60 sec rest.

I'm also not a big fan of GM, probably because they kick my low back into oblivion. Eric Cressey had an article about that exercise a while ago...


I forgot to mention, due to a tear in my pattela tendon about a year ago, I still can't do any quad exercises. :frowning:

I'm getting a new scan on the knee soon, so I'll get some squats in (I'll probably be starting with bodyweight squats) if the scan turns out allright.


I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you'll soon be able to squat again. Best wishes.


You might want to try box squatting before regular squatting. The box will allow you sit back far, thus taking a lot of the stress off of the knee joint.