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Comment on my Program

Hi everybody, what you think about this kind of program whic i made my self.
Firsly i cant do legs because i have knees problem, i can do only calves. So anyway i decided to train each body part 3 time a week. But with low intense.
Trainig on mondays, wednedays, ridays.
for example monday u do bench press, wedneday pek-dec, friday incline bench press. etc. same with other bodyparts. Program is for gaining mass/stenght.

cardio 10min

Shoulders: Shoulder Press 3x12
Back; Rear Pulldown 3x12
Chest: bech press 3x12
Bicep: barbel curls 3x12
tricep: close grip becnh press 3x12
+Abs, calves

cardio 10min

Shoulders: dumbel fly 3x12
Back; Lying Row 3x12
Chest: incline bech press 3x12
Bicep: dumbells in chair 3x12
tricep: tricep dip 2x7 3x12

+abs, claves

cardio 10min
Shoulders: Shoulder Press 3x12
Back; pull ups behind back 3x12
Chest: peck-dec3x12
Bicep: dumbells standing 3x12
tricep: skullcrusher 2x7 3x12

+abc, calves

so what u think?

why not begin each workout with a different bodypart, say start with chest monday, start with back wed, start with shoulders friday.

beyond that, i foresee shoulder issues at some point, with the amount of behind the neck work and overhead and bench presses you have planned. be careful.

and learn what the exercises are called (dumbells in chair?)

What kind of knee problems? Not doing LEGS at all is a huge detriment to your training

Why would you train a muscle with less intensity just to hit it more often?

Well my pain has started after basketball…it was 2 years ago. Everytime i play it it hurts. Next i felt pain when going up stairs etc. Now - when i squat with my own weight.
So yesterday i went to my doctor. They took my blood and roentgen picture.

My blood is ok. But the roentgen pic showed bad things. I dont know how to say the diagnosis in english cuz im not from usa, but i try… knee joint opening is a little contracted and a little raddled, sorry if i sayed wrong Anyway my father who work in medicine range for about +35 years say that it can not be that way. And my problem is because of fast growing in height. im 6’3-6’4.

I bought ANIMAL flex hope it helps a bit ;/.

Im thinking that my knee problem coud be for this reason: when i was younger i done alot of jumping - jump from trees, roofs etc. bastketball dunks all day long… then i started to go to the gym, i was 13-14 y/old. Maybe i done bad techinques during legpress and other leg excersizes, maybe i done bad warming.

Well i will try ure advice about the bycycle thing.

I hope one day i can do legs again, and feel that great feeling after workuot…

[quote]Der Candy wrote:
Why would you train a muscle with less intensity just to hit it more often?[/quote]

Low intense, because it culd recover till next training day. if it be high intenes muscles can not recover in time. no recover = no grow. Same muscles 3 time a week because i think when u train muscle 1 time per week they recover and they do nothing till next week.

I could swear that this is just low-quality trolling…

[quote]Cephalic_Carnage wrote:
I could swear that this is just low-quality trolling…[/quote]

What that means?

Any other thoughts people?

Hey what abou this?

Monday: Chest, Abs
Tuesday: Back , biceps
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Shoulders, Chest, Abs
Friday: Arms (bic+tric), Abs
Saturday: Legs (as much i can do)
Sunday: Off

dumbells in chair.

ha, what a joke.

go to the BEGINNERS.

[quote]OooahhhCANTONA wrote:
dumbells in chair.

ha, what a joke.

go to the BEGINNERS.[/quote]

Wtf man im not from usa, or uk, my country isnt english talking and i dont talk english a lot, so how do i know those god damn excersises? Talking about BEGINNERS… im training for about 3-4 years (3 seriuosly)

Give this a read man, but if you knees are a problem you could still work them but try only on the 2-3x15 day in weeks 1-4 and the 2-3x18. and see how they feel.

So it could be like this:

Day 1 and 2 Flat/Incline BB Bench, 1 arm row, Overhead press, Pullups, Barbell Curl and Skullcrushers

Day 3 BW squats, Calf Raises, DB Bench Press, BB bentover Row, Dips, chins.

For the Bw squats if they are okay, progressions could be to light DB’s or unloaded BB’s.

Sorry I know it’s not a great program but it’s a quick suggestion but read the article and you can design it a bit better