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Comment on My Eating Pattern

The weirdest thing. I’m going to the gym more seriously now. I’m working my ass off there. Lifting weights, doing lots of sit ups and push ups etc… I used to do cardio more but now i start off with 20 minutes cross-trainer to get warmed up and then go to the weighs. The weird thing is, ever since i go more i feel like it looks like i’m getting fatter.

It looks like i’m getting a little beer belly (you can still see a good 6-pack under it though) that has never been there before. Anyway, here is my eating pattern, give me some tips please:

It differs here and there per day, i don’t pay as much attention to it as i should but here goes:

2 sandwiches with butter and something sweet like jelly or chocolate paste, soy milk (i’m allergic) and orange juice

In between here coffee, water and sometimes soda

Lunch: 4 sandwiches with butter and meat like ham or sausage, soy milk

In between here usually more coffee, water and sometimes soda. Every now and then a beer or two too.

Varied, usually vegetables and always a good piece of meat. A glass of red or white wine also.

Before or after dinner late in the evening i sometimes eat patato chips.

In weekends i tend to drink loads of beer or other alcoholic beverages and eat whatever i like; which is usually fast food or other shit.

When i go working out, it’s always in the evening. I go 3 times a week and do intense sessions. When i get home i always get madd hungry. So i usually make 4 sandwiches with butter and meat and drink some orange juice or a glass of wine. It used to be soy milk, but i’m using ZMA so i don’t take that anymore before sleep.

PLEASE tell me you are kidding?

if hes not kidding hes a moron.


-soda a couple times a day.
-6 sandwiches (which by my calculations means 12 slices of bread)…with butter?
-potato chips.
-“something sweet such as jelly or chocolate…”

and the fact that you do this daily, and then let loose for the weekend. and you dont know where the pooch is coming from?!

not to mention your protein choices arent very good- ham is not a very good protein source, neither is sausage.

quite frankly, im amazed that you cant figure this out.

nobody’s mentioned it so i will

soy? you come to this site and admit that you’re having anything to do with soy?

for your next trick, how about a picture? That seems to be the progression around here these days.

Green vegetables
Things that run, swim or fly.
1-2 gallons/water.

What’s wrong with soy? I thought it was suppost to be healthy.

I don’t use the real fat kind of butter, the healthy low-fat type with minerals and shit.

What do you guys eat on a daily basis then?

You’re eating 10 slices of bread, chocolate, chips, virtually no protein and fruits&veg and then alcohol to top it all off.

Does this logically sound healthy to you?

Soy is bad news (in general):

This is mandatory reading IMO:

And you should carry on from here:

And fat IS healthy!

[quote]snowdog wrote:
What do you guys eat on a daily basis then?[/quote]
1: 6 whole eggs, 1 cup oats, 1tbsp olive oil, fruit
2: 8 oz. lean meat, veggies, fruit/cheese/nuts
3: 8 oz. lean meat, veggies, cheese/nuts
4: 8 oz. lean meat, veggies, maybe a sweet potato (high carb day)
5: PWO - Surge
6: 8 oz. lean meat, veggies, sweet potato/fruit or oats (high carb day)

1-2 gal of water, extra protein shake if I’m hungry, everything varies, spices are great.

no bread, no juice, no alcohol

*Edit: I do eat other things, like cottage cheese, Metabolic Drive, etc. but I typed that up quickly. BTW, OP, were you trying to challenge someone? What was the point of that? Go do some reading.

my g/f and i were just talking last night about how there should be more rigorous nutrition classes taught throughout elementary, middle, and highschool

and i think the OP’s post is strong support for this idea

just wow…

That’s strange… i always was told bread was healthy. What exactly do you mean with ‘lean meat’?

lean meat, essentially meaning “mostly protein”. if you look at a nutritionaly break down, say for a slice of ham, youre not getting a lot of protein for the fat and carbs youre also getting with it.

[quote]snowdog wrote:
That’s strange… i always was told bread was healthy. What exactly do you mean with ‘lean meat’? [/quote]

Things such as turkey breast, chicken breast, sirloin beef, tuna.

wtf, he stole my diet!