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Comment on a Bulking Diet

Hi Guys.

I just worked out a bulking diet for at friend looking to build up his physique.
With a caloricplus of 400 kcal and maintenance of 2900 kcal, the goal is to end around 3300 kcal.
It could look like this:

100g oats
250ml milk
2 whole eggs

Meal 2:
50g wholegrain bread (special Danish bread)
25g vhicken topping
70g cottage cheese

200g chicken
80g brown rice
1 avocado

Meal 4 (1-1½ hours before workout):
60g wholegrain bread
60g tuna
25g almonds

1 banana

60g carbs
40g whey

150g salmon
60g wholegrain pasta
80g brocolli
20g parmesan cheese

Before bedtime:
30g casein
15g fishoil
1 carrot

Intake: 3225 kcal without liquid (milk, water etc.)
Protein: 241,44 gram â?? 29,5%
Carbs: 361,82 gram â?? 44%
Fat: 95,34 â?? 26%

What do you think?

Seems like way too much hassle for him to eat that specific.

Unless he is training for a contest or something similar.

Weighing and preparing all that - I tried it but I complicated stuff too much and gained nothing.

I’d give him a list of good food choices and tell him to train hard and eat big.
If he gains weight it’s all good. If not: eat more.