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Comment in a Previous Issue

Chris Shugart and Bobby Howe made this comment in an article from a previous issue: “Bagels and Gatorade before a game is bad!”

Why is this true?

High GI carbs before game = bonk during game.

It’s a high GI high insulin producing meal which will end up driving blood glucose down lower then it was prior to eating which will likely result in decreased energy, feeling of sleepiness etc.

Simple sugar/carbohydrate combo of bagels and gatorade would lead to a fast and large insulin response that could cause lower blood glucose levels during the game.

Reactive (or post-prandial) hypoglycemia…

what’s the difference between this and using Surge preworkout or during the workout? Is it just that your muscles suck up all the carbs due to the intensity?

Well, I think Surge has a little protein in it; this would slow down the digestion slightly as well as provide a lean mass preservation benefit. The G-ade +bagel is just straight, simple carbs.

If you are going to take carbs half an hour or more before a workout or game try to make them lower glycemic as some studies show this improves performance. However, taking high glycemic carbs (like in surge) just prior to or during a game or workout is a good idea because they will spare muscle glycogen and protein while reducing cortisol release. Your blood sugar will not crash either as exercise causes epinephrine release which will negate the effects of insulin on reducing your blood sugar. Your cells will still be able to take up the blood sugar as it needs it through contaction induced (AMPK system) glucose uptake.

But Ken, the Surge’s protein works to somewhat mitigate the insulin release, correct? We don’t want just straight sugar, do we? IOW, chocolate or Frosted flakes (to use a rediculous ex.) would be counter-productive.

so what would be good to eat before a game\match?

Couldn’t you just ride the carb wave by eating more high GI carbs during half time? I know a ball player that started eating a bagel and and orange during half time. It improved his second half energy level enough that the rest of the team started doing it too.