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Comment/Critique My New Split Routine

I have been following a basic 5x5 template, full-body 3days/wk with some extra isolation thrown in. I believe I’ve built up a decent foundation and now I want to try a 4day/week body part split. As I advance further, this may eventually evolve into a 5 or six day split as overall intensity continues to increase.

The plan:
Day 1)–Chest/Triceps
incline DB press 3x8
flat DB press 3x8
decline BB press 3x8
weighted dips (tricep focus)3x10
cable crossovers 3x10
rope pushdowns 3x10
rope triceps extensions 3x10

Day 2)–Back/Biceps
weighted chins 3x8
bent over barbell rows 3x8
shrugs 3x10
back extensions 3x12-15
standing barbell curls 3x10
straight-arm pulldowns 3x12
hammer curls 3x10

Day 3)
abs + 25min HIIT (stairmaster or rowing machine)

Day 4)–Shoulders
warmup w/ 1 light set of cuban presses 1x12
military press 3x10
rear delt rows 4x10
upright rows(shoulder width grip)4x10
Arnold presses 3x8
bent arm lateral raises (raising arms laterally from hammer curl position)3x10
push press 4x5
rear delt cable rows 3x10
lateral raises 3x10
front raises 3x10
(seems like a lot, but with so many iso exercises rest times are short. Total time=50min)

Day 5)–Legs
back squats 3x10
RDL 3x8
leg press 3x10
calf raises 3x20-25
hamstring curls 3x12
leg extensions 3x12

Day 6)—rest

Day 7)
abs + 25 min HIIT or restart from day 1 depending on how I feel.

That’s it, what do think?
Good, bad, ugly?

I finished the first chest/tris WO tonight. It felt good, took a little under an hour. My anterior delts feel a little sore. I may eliminate front raises from the shoulder day. I will add shrugs to the back day.

I went ahead and worked back/biceps today, feels good. My arms are sore as hell.

The shoulder routine went well. The rear delt cable rows were a little awkward at first until I became used to the movt.

I’ll hit legs tomorrow. I think I’ll move the abs+HIIT forward a day and restart chest/tris on day 7.

Switch the sets and rep scheme for the first exercise of each day. Then cut the sets in half.

You still with me?

Incase not 4-5 sets of 3 for bench

4-5x3 for chins … military press…squats.

don’t be a slave to a specific set/rep scheme