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Comment by JB...

Mr. Berardi, I noticed that in an earlier post you mentioned that protein was your favorite macro for a variety of reasons, one of which is that is the most satiating. For me, that is just the problem. No matter how I divide the intake, I can maybe barely get up to 1 gram per lb. if that. I realize that some controlled force feeding is part of the game but I get quite a lot of digestion problems when trying to eat more protein than that. Any suggestions?

By the way, I don’t know if you had a hand in the flavoring design of Surge, but it is so good I went through my first bottle in 3 days. I just could’nt stop drinking it! I actually had it for dessert and between meals. I know, not the most scientific dietary thing to do, but I think it tastes that good!

Well, I’m not a Berardi but I play one on TV…

Have you tried getting protein from a powdered source, like Advanced Protein or an MRP? I believe JB has stated that around half of his protein intake comes from supplements. I know mine does. Otherwise, it would be tough to get as much as I need (over 300 grams a day currently.)

1 can of tuna, 5 whole eggs, 1 MRP in 2 cups of lactaid skim milk, 500g of lactaid cottage cheese, 8 oz chicken totals about 200-250g of protein. It’s easy to eat this in a day. If you want less food, just chuck in some protein powder instead and you can make up for that. Protein is easy to get in there. One problem could be that if you are using whey concentrate you may be suffering in the GI cause of that. A whole lot of people get problems with concentrates. Isolates are better.

And DONT drink surge during the day except for the post workout period! You wont grow better and you'd likely get fatter that way. Besides it causes big blood sugar crashes if taken outside the post workout feeding period.

Chris, John, thanks for the feedback. I actually do get about half my protein from Grow and Advanced Protein and the rest from low fat, easily digestable sources. I keeps fats relatively low to speed gatric emptying. I did forget to mention that I’m 205 at 13% BF or so, and while the 1 gram per lb works well during usual training, I suspect that the lack of additional protein in the commonly advised 1.5-2 grams per lb area is holding back my gains on Andro/Nandro. Once I get up to about 200 or so grams of protein from any source (easily digestable), my appetite just shuts off and if I try to force in more I get digestive problems no matter how slowly over time I try to increase the intake. I feel I may have a slow metabolism and the processing of nutrients just isn’t that fast; it takes a while for the protein to be assimilated and more yet is burdening my system. BTW, John I realized the glycemic index of Surge is sky high and my gains would not be accelerated by such indiscriminate usage, but I guess what I was really trying to say was congrats on your design of such an effective and very palatible supplement.