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Comment/Advise on My Cycle


I'm going to start this cycle in about 10 days, I'm looking for feedback, what you would do, change, not do, etc.

This is my first cycle, My primary goal is muscle definition and fat loss with slight muscle mass gain.

8 weeks of Stanovet Stanozolol (Winstrol) at 2 ml for week 1,2,7,8. 2.5 ml for weeks 3-6
8 weeks of Methenovet (Primobolan) 1 ml weeks 1,2,3,6,7,8. 1.5 ml for weeks 4 and 5
9th week of rest
2 weeks of Taxus Tabs (Tamoxifeno), 1 week of 2 tabs a day, 1 week just 1
1 week of Choriomon (5000 units) *Need help, not sure how to use this.

Also, if someone could help, I have Proviron and Propecia but am unaware of how to use them. Should I take propecia before I start the cycle and continue its use through it? how many weeks of Proviron? when? at what dose?


25 y/o
207 lbs
Body fat at 16%
working out seriously for almost 2 years, in and out of the gym for 4 years before that.

BTW, I can get Oxandrolone (anavar) relatively cheap, should I run it with this cycle?

Thanks!, any criticism is apreciated


You need to post the concentrations, listing how many mL you're taking is meaningless.


Cycle sucks, but that's not a problem at this point

Your stats, on the other hand, are a big problem.

174lbs of LBM on a 6'1 frame is a joke.

Eat better and lift harder and more consistently. Youre exactly the type of person who will lose all gains after coming off because you dont know what youre doing in the gym and kitchen


screw eating better, simply eat more.

I hate all these skinny fat people thinking they can take drugs and have a magic serum of sorts.

it is easy (well not easy but with the hard work put in) you can break 200 with no problem without drugs.
stop with the rabbit food and pick up a burger.
and if you have things like Propecia and have no idea how to use it,then guess what


The truth!

OP when i chose to do my first cycle I was relatively the same age, basically the same height and same scale weight. The difference is you're 16% bf and I was 8-9% with a respectable strength level and more than only a whopping 2 years training experience. And looking back, I still could have made some more progress naturally. Reinforcing the point that you might want to wait.


I dont understand your cycle...post milligrams and list the week you'll be running next to the drug name...
If I were you
Winstrol - week 1 - 4 @ 200mg
Primonolan - week 4- 8 @ 400mg taper off in the end
Anavar / nolvadex 8 - 10 @ 30 mg / day var 20 mg /day nolva