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Commando Course (Green Beret)

I have been planning out a new phase of training as I have my Commando Course coming up in September, I am currently serving in the Royal Navy but have decided to push for my Green Beret and to be called a Royal Navy Commando.
This phase is fairly new to me so this thread was created just to see if I could get a little insight into what you guys think of the training and if you would make any changes.

I was doing BJJ 3-4 days a week plus lifting 3 days a week before the Pandemic hit so both my Strength and Conditioning levels have decreased, I have maintained some level of training at home and when I am on camp but it has been mainly KB, DB’s with minimal weight and more reps including 3 Mile Runs and steady state Weight Vest walking (10kg).

I achieved a 3 Mile Run yesterday in 26mins with an Elevation gain of 103m, hills were horrendous but with this result I feel my conditioning levels are fairly decent currently.
A big goal for me is to keep this 3 Mile Run at least once a week where I can aim to beat my time for a PR.
Lifting 2 days a week may be a better option for the time being until I get more conditioned to running then I can up lifting to 3 days a week.

Current plan is as follows:

Upperbody - 5/3/1 or Paul Carters Strong / Big 15
Weight Vest Walk - 30-45 mins

1/4 Mile Sprints - 16 at 90 each w/ 90 secs rest between.

Weight Vest Walk - 30-45 mins

3 Mile Run - Plan to beat time weekly

Lowerbody - 5/3/1 or Paul Carters Strong / Big 15
Weight Vest Walk - 30-45 mins

Run for time - 90 mins at an easy pace, aim to beat distance weekly

Weight Vest Walk or REST

  • I will incorporate Agile 8 or some sort of mobility everyday (Anyone here used ROMWOD?)
  • Lifting could be added to Wednesday but just be cautious for the time being

Anything you guys feel like I am missing or could add ? This is to be scrutinised if needed.

The best thing you can do is get weight on your back, 25kg minimum, and yomp. Start short distance and build up to 10 miles.
3 miles in 26 minutes is slow, no offence. You want to be dropping 6 minutes off that time at least.
Hill reps. Press ups. Pull ups. Squats.
I would be doing circuits too. Try to train twice a day. Muscle endurance is vital on this course.
Probably changed a fair bit since I did it but Fundamentals will be the same. Away from fitness then make sure all your kit is squared away before you go. Best of luck and hope this has helped a bit.

Cheers for the feedback, will be aiming to improve that 3 Mile time every week. The time you posted gives me a good ballmark to aim for. I will get the yomps going for sure and could do those instead of the weight vest walks.

Jim Wendler has a 30 Day Conditioning Challenge that I am going to go ahead and do which consists of 2 Full Body Days (Squat and Bench / Deadlift and Press).
Everyday has at least:

  1. Conditioning of some sort
  2. Bodyweight or weighted circuit
  3. Mobility Work

All this has to be done everyday on top of the two bigger lifting sessions a week.

I would second the rucking (or yomps). I was US, but did a couple things with you guys, and you all could freaking move. Your terrain is absolutely miserable, too.

I’d focus on rucking, sprinkle in some running to make sure you can pass whatever standards you have for that (7 minute miles was generally good enough for us), and do whatever else you have energy for.

Also, I don’t know that it’s part of your course, but don’t be the guy that can’t climb a rope. Embarrassing.

Good luck!

Best repost/ask some questions in the combat forum section. Loads of miltary vets there.

As prob aware for Royal marines you need to be a pullup beast

-throughout the week do them in ladder form, big volume but well short of failure…

You’re right about the rope but you do plenty of training for that on course. As you know, all about technique brother

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Cheers guys for the comments, much appreciated.

Former Marine Infantry. Wrestler. Bjj. SWAT member.

Strengthen your grip and core. All else will fall into place.

Loaded carries. Sled work. Pull up variations. Sprints. Swimming is a miracle worker too. Focus on increasing work capacity.

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