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Coming Up on 1 Year, Updated Labs


Always check Bp 2-3 times. It usually lowers after the first time. Due to anxiety.


Hi all, I’m coming up on 1 year. TRT’s been pretty good overall in terms of results. I switched to Defy a few months ago, and it’s been way easier than the clinic I was wasting my time and money with.

I just got latest labs back and would greatly appreciate any input anyone has - particularly my free test and e2 levels / ratio.



Your TSH, they like to see it close to 1 on this forum.Your PSA also doubled. Was this tested fasting? I would remove your name from the lab.


2 is fine. TSH can range throughout the day.


Unable to read, even when I select. I cant zoom in for some reason.


The numbers don’t look bad at all from what I can see. Looks like you have it dialed in pretty close! The only red flag (well maybe orange flag) that stood out to me (and I’m very ignorant mind you) is the glucose levels. Keep an eye on that.

Have you tried a magnesium and zinc supplement to try and help lower your SHBG a little? It’s really not that bad so the most important question at this point would be…

How are you feeling?