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Coming to Arizona

I’m going to drive down to Pheonix and Tucson this Sunday from Vegas and stay till Tues. I’m basicly going to recon the area as I plan to move there in September. You know, to verifiy the rumours of the high quality female population. Hopefully it will beat the whales and jailbait that we have in DC. LOL, kidding…

It would be cool if I could meet up with any local T-peeps that could show me around and maybe where the cheapest place to stay and train is.

So as a heads up, if you see a jarhead with a farmer’s tan wandering around it’ll be me. Being that I just spent the last three years in DC, I’m betting I’ll be the one guy that gets bite by a scopion or something.

Wish I could help you out, jarheads hold a special place in my heart. :slight_smile: Unfortunately I’m leaving AZ for good this weekend. Try PMing Hot AZ.