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Coming To A Gym Near You!!



Did this guy come up with this training on his own, or was there a "professional" involved?


The really sad thing about this is that AJ Bear is the only decent Australian downhill skier in many years. We already have a bad reputation for the quality of our snow, now we can get one for the quality of our skiiers! Damn.


I guess your being sarcastic here with the use of 'professional'. I actually know the bloke who shot this footage and trains AJ, and his experience and knowledge would give anyone a run for their money. I dont know whether the swiss balls were his idea or whether they work or not. But I actually have half a dozeon or more other clips of video that show AJ doing amazing things. In one, he sticks a landing on a swiss ball after a somersault.


Way to support a fellow countryman! Fuck you are quick to bag him on the basis of one short video clip. See my post above - I could show you other clips that people are in awe of what he can do. Who's to say whether or not it helps his skiing. He's not the sort of bloke that would be doing things that wouldn't work. I can also vouch that he probably has more Testosterone than most wannabees that visit this site.




Hahahahahahaha sucker!


I was about as quick to bag him on the basis of one short video clip as you were to bag me on the basis of one post made in jest.

I have snowboarded down a slope with AJ, and other amazing Aussies such as Michael Milton and Torah Bright. I have no where near the skills of these guys and would never claim to. I dont know any of them enough that they would call me a mate, but I know them enough to have a huge amount of respect for these guys, and all the other aussies that get off our shit snow and compete against the world.

Chill out a bit.


thats gotta smart


risk vs. reward comes to mind

I mean if you injure a high caliber athlete in the gym you pretty much automaticly fail as a strength coach. At least in my mind when using high risk "exercises"