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Coming Out of the Woodwork. My History


I've been lurking for quite awhile debating to post or not. I know it sounds stupid, but I still feel embarrassed about all this..sigh here it goes -

-Age: 27
-Height: 5' 6.5''
-Waist: 35
-Weight: 196 lbs
-Bodyfat %: 19%
-Hair: Losing my hair up top, facial and body hair grow in at a moderate rate.
-Fat Locations: Primarily in my lower back, glutes and thighs (very much the thighs...)

-Diet: Roughly 2k calories/day - Low carb, <100g carbs on strength training days, <40g carbs on non-training days.
-Training: Cardio with sustained HR around 150 everyday along with pretty solid weight training 4 days a week.

  • Libido: Pretty much non-existent..I've had no desire to masturbate, and have had exactly 1 instance of morning wood since I started keeping track mid January...It's likely been about that sparse for some time now.
  • Waking temp averaged over 5 weeks - 97.56
  • Temp at peak (12:30~) averaged over 5 weeks - 98.02
  • Other notes:
    -- I do use salt containing iodine
    -- I do try and get in proper amounts of zinc and other essentials.
    -- I take in a fair amount of fish oil, and I my primary fat sources are almond butter and coconut oil

Bloodwork History - http://bit.ly/flHDSb - (anything outside reference range is flagged red)

I've been fighting with obesity for a good chunk of my life. Up till about 6 years ago I was anywhere from 330-340lbs. I dropped most of that fairly quickly through low-carb dieting and exercise. While happy about that weight loss, I still haven't been able to reach a point where I'm happy with myself.
I haven't made much in the way of gains lifting wise in about a year and if I even think about going off diet weight just absolutely pours back on me. I've been to an endo once before in 07 and his response was 'lose more weight'.

I talked briefly with my GP in Feb and convinced him to get some bloodwork done with a followup apt in mid April (I'm still actively trying to get in earlier, but cancellations aren't the norm) where I'll hopefully be able to get another round of tests done.

Anyway..if anyone could offer their opinions on whats going on, or if there are any other specific tests you can suggest based off what I've included above I'd really appreciate it. I'm looking to go back to my GP with any info I can get.


you seem to be hypothyroid (which your doctor will probably disagree with because the lab says you are "in range") - but read stopthethyroidmadness.com first before you decide.

ideal TSH is .5 to 1.0

you need additional thyroid tests include free T4, free T3, reverse T3, and 8am Cortisol checked.

Testosterone is low, but if you fix and resolve your thyroid issue you may see some improvement to your hormone profile - and if you can avoid HRT, you should.


Thanks for the reply PureChance..that's sort of what I was leaning towards myself to be honest. I really wanted to run things by the knowledgeable folks on here before going with my own inkling.

If you don't mind, a quick follow-up regarding the cortisol test. I can order it from ZRT, but should I do it before putting any stress on my system (morning workout) to establish a baseline? or should I stress my system to see where it peaks at that time?


your cortisol is normally highest first thing in the morning when you wake up (without a workout or anything else coming into play) - that is why if you are getting a blood test it is recommended to get an 8am blood draw.

I thought someone said the instructions say to take a sample first thing in the morning before any activity.


What did you do which drove cholesterol so low at the end of 2009. That is known to trash hormones. Note how FSH has increased with FSH since then.

TSH is insane right now.

this: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/ksman_has_a_thryoid_problem You do not want to treat an iodine deficiency with any drugs. If you increase iodine intake and body temps normalize, that is diagnostic. If your body does not need it, it will be pissed out.

Low body temps are a indicator of functional thyroid status. If low cortisol leads due to elevate rT3, you can have some great looking labs and be functionally hypo.

Male pattern baldness or thinning out. Hypothyroidism can do that.

Starvation also trashes cortisol and other hormones.

What was the time line for the libido issues relative to weight loss actions?

What red meat, cheese or butter?

Add ferritin to the other labs suggested above.

What vitamins etc?

Low T and low thyroid levels can make weight management impossible.

Your estradiol is elevated and with low T, you are very estrogen dominant. That can repress your HPTA and create a trap. What Rx and OTC drugs? These can impede E2 clearance by the liver. Another factor making you fat.


  • 2009 Cholesterol
    -- I honestly have no idea. I've been fairly low carb / high protein / high fat for some time now. If memory serves me correct I was even consuming a fair amount of 88% dark chocolate around that time.

  • iodine / body temp
    -- I'll give that a try and record my results..I actually discovered yesterday my thermometer I've been using has been recording on average about .8 degrees higher than actual.
    Long story short, I couldn't find my normal thermometer, used a different one and it was lower than normal. I then found my normal one and took my temp again and it was near what I usually record. I then obtained a 3rd thermometer and it matched the other one I used.

  • starvation
    -- I've never starved myself unless you count a 3 week attempt at Shugart's velocity diet. That's likely the lowest amount of calories I've ingested over the past 5 years.

  • libido
    -- I've had a low libido probably since my early 20's (before my fat-loss started) but it's just tanked completely the past year or so.

  • diet / vitamins / etc
    -- I eat a fair amount of red meat, on average about 6lbs/week. No cheese or butter currently though. My red-meat consumption in the past hasn't been as much as current, but still a fair amount.
    -- Vitamin / supplement wise: A general multi, fish oil, vitamin-D, green tea extract, and ZMA.
    -- I haven't taken any Rx in years. OTC wise, Affrin and anything containing pseudoephedrine when I have a cold. I rarely ever pop a tylenol or other drugs. In general I avoid them.


Thanks for the clarification, just wasn't sure.


Some vitamins have 150mcg of iodine, a maintenance amount.


Just confirmed, my multi does have 150mcg of iodine. I also make sure to use iodized salt when I cook.


Just confirmed, my multi does have 150mcg of iodine. I also use iodized salt whenever I cook.

EDIT - Bah, thought it errored out when I posted initial reply..sorry for the double post.


I know it's been awhile since I've updated, but I finally have some more info.

  • I did get to see my doc and while I was not able to get more bloodwork, he agreed to write me a referral to an endo. I have the first available appointment in early June.

  • It took a bit longer than I expected to get the results from the ZRT morning cortisol bloodspot test, but it came back at 16.8 ug/dL with a reference range of 6-13 ug/dL. -_- Not so good.

  • I have not tried iodine loading with Iodoral, but I do get some from my multi/iodized salt and I picked up the kelp seasoning that was mentioned in the other thread. So far I haven't seen any real improvement, but I understand that might not be enough.

Anyway..I just want to thank you guys again. I really appreciate the input.

Really hoping to get this sorted out when I can get to the endo.