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Coming Out of Hibernation

Hey everyone. Another fat boy here trying to get back into it. I used to be a very fit person in high school and through my first 2 years in college, but drinking and being a couch potato for three years screwed that up.

Height: 6’2"
Weight: 370
BF: at least 30%

-Drop down to at least 240 by 07/25/2010 (drastic but hey family has a history of diabetes, hypertension, and high blood pressure. So far 4 uncles, 5 aunties, and I don’t know how many cousins are either diagnosed with at least one of the following or died from one of them)

-Be accepted into Honolulu or Hilo Fire Dept. by either the first or second class after this hiring freeze by the state.

-Drop from a size 52 to a size 34 by 07/25/2010

-No real goals for my weight training. I just want to either maintain or gain.

Training: Push/Pull similar to an article on here. Just search Push/Pull and the first article should be the one.

Conditioning (all around anaerobic/aerobic): Primary goal
Resistance Training: Maintain or Gain
Muscle: Maintain or Gain

Diet: cleaning it up. it’s better than before but it could be better once i find a job and get some money in my pocket that will allow me to do it better.

Well that’s all I want to right on this subject for now. Will post first day of training on my next post.


Haha. Just noticed I wrote “right” instead of “write”…what an idiot. hahaha

Alright first day of training:

A1. Overhand Deadlift: 135x5, 225x5, 275x3x5…God grip strength aint’ what it used to be
A2. Bicep Curls: 40x5x10

B1. Assisted Pull-ups (weights are what are on the machine): 250x8, 230x6, 200x5, 190x5…could’ve been better
B2. Elevated Deads: 135x8, 185x6, 185x2x8

C. Smith Machine Horizontal Row (position body under bar, pull towards bar, heels on ground:

D. Pro-Grip Pull Downs: 140x3x12

E: Seated Shrugs: 180x3x10…I fucken hate these (never really liked doing traps for some reason)

Conditioning: 20minutes eliptical
Ramp: 5
Resistance: 5
Getting myself back into it.

And if anyone was wondering what was up with most of my goals’ deadlines being set at 07/25/2010. It’s because thats my 24 birthday

Overall grade: C+…considering what I was doing a couple of months ago to get into shape, this sucked, but whatever that’s in the past. Lets do work.


Every goal starts somewhere. Keep up the good work man, you’ll reach your goals. Do a search for Bartls transformation, it’s a great story.

Tuesday 07/07/2009

Warm-up: 6 min incline walk on treadmill

A1. Full Squat: 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 335x2x5, 225x5(Pause Squats)…Wow supper crappy!
A2. DB Shoulder Press: 60x5x10

B1. Machine Assisted Dips (weights are on machine): 250x8, 230x8, 200x8, 180x8, 160x8
B2. Calf Raises: 1x20, 4x30

C. Wide Grip Bench: 135x10, 185x2x8, 135x10…Chest was totally fried from the dips

D1. Unilateral Machine Shoulder Press: 45x10, 25x20
D2. Rope Push-downs: 180x2x15

Conditioning: Shoudld’ve known better…8:00pm cardio bunnies/sloths all over the machines…crappy

Grade: B- Squats were pissing me off! I was squatting over 500 only two months ago before the layoff…crap!

well tomorrow is another day…


Wednesday 07/08/09

No gym today but of course I did some stuff

-Knee Push-ups: 130 reps…took me 5 sets…I can do regular push-ups but no way could I have gotten over 60 reps…I was looking just to bring some blood back into the upper body area

-Band Pulls: Traps- 5x20
-Band Pulls: Back- 5x20

Not bad, wish I had something else besides a band to do back pulls with though.


Thursday 07/09/09

warm-up: 5 min recline bike

A1. Overhand Deadlift: 135x8, 185x8, 235x8, 285x8, 135x5…i guess grip strength does improve quickly
A2. Barbell Curls: 60x4x12…will use 70’s next week (i hate doing biceps)

B1. Trap Bar Deadlifts: 135x10, 225x2x10
B2. Assisted Machine Pull-Up: 230x2x8, 250x7…fucked up here, this exercise was supposed to be the focus of this pairing. Not the deadlift…won’t let that happen again.

C. T-Bar Row: 3Px3x12 (P = plates)

D. Rear Delt Fly: 100x15, 80x3x20, 80x25…was waiting for a pull-down machine so i figured i could get some more rear delt work.

E. Pull-Downs: 140x12, 160x2x12…nice and easy, just to get some blood flow

Conditioning: 20 minute eliptical
Ramp: 5
Resistance: 5

Grade: B+…was a pretty decent day in the gym…no cardio sloths/bunnies to hog the machines afterwards

been sick the past couple of days…haven’t done much but eat and sleep. hope to be in the gym tomorrow…but thats only a hope