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Coming Off TST & Something's Not Right

So to start I have dabbled a bit in the pasty with TRT and cycling TST. Current 42 and initially was felling rundown etc so went to a clinic and they put me on TRT. LAter learned through research that I wasn’t low and didn’t need TRT so came off. Felt awful and about 6 months later after researching I ran a 12 week cycle to try and build back what I lost. Did PCT and all went really well even coming back with even higher TST levels in the high 600s.

I’ll admit, I missed the feeling of being normal again. I really felt like myself again and decided to run another cycle this past November. About a month in I just didn’t feel well and got spooked. I stopped short and ran a small stint of PCT.

In the time since I stopped short I’ve gained almost 30lbs and it’s not muscle. My thighs are huge, my abdomen has grown a few inches, mood swings all over the place. I haven’t changed my diet, eat pretty clean, exercise daily as I always have (cardio, strength training).

Have I screwed myself up? My fear is that I have too much estrogen given where the extra weight is showing up. Any thoughts or advice?

Can you post your complete lab results?

Given the time frame you posted, something’s not adding up at all.

You said you started a cycle in November. For simplicity’s sake, and for best case scenario, let’s say that was Nov. 1st. A month in you stopped. Dec 1st. From then until now, Dec. 1st - Jan 1st (again giving you longest time frame possible for best case scenario), you have gained 30 lbs?!! That’s a pound a day.

If you do in fact eat clean like you stated, and you exercise daily, I’d say that there is something seriously and medically gone haywire and you need to see a doctor immediately. Have your full hormone profile ran, as well as a complete thyroid panel. I wouldn’t wait around and try to figure this out. Get some help now.

Sorry about that, think I worded it wrong. Since I started the cycle back in November. The reason I was thinking it was a hormone issue is due to the where the weight is. My thighs are up to 25”, cant even wear pants.

Haven’t gotten labs redone as of yet however have an appt to do so early next week.