Coming Off TRT

Hi, i am 21 years old and i am on TRT. The reason why i started TRT is, i had symptoms of low hormones…during 6 months i was losing my strength and my bodyweight, i was gaining fat even on 2000kcal per day with cardio 3 hours per week. So i did blood test and i wasn’t happy what did i find :frowning:

Blood test prior TRT (30th of November 2010):

T3 0,7 nmol/l (RR 0,92-2,79)
T4 101 nmol/l (RR 58,1-140,6)
fT3 3,5 pmol/l (RR 3,1-6,8)
fT4 15,3 pmol/l (RR 12-24)
TSH 2,525 mIU/l (RR 0,27-5)

FSH 4,73 IU/l (RR 1,4-18,4)
LH 3,4 IU/l (RR 1,5-9,3)
SHGB 35,24 nmol/l (RR 14,5-48,4)
Testosterone 9,01 nmol/l (RR 10-35)
Estradiol 15,17 ng/l (RR 0-52)
DHEAS 6,61 umol/l (RR 5,73-13,4)

Cortizol 474 nmol/l (RR 118-618) ------7am

So based on my lab test, you can see fucked up low thyroid and bad low hormones.

So I started selfpriscribe TRT on 14th December 2010. And my protocol which i have found ok for my body is:

Testosterone E 125mg/w
HCG 2x 250iu/w
Arimidex 0,25mg/EOD

I am also on:
GHRP-6 + CJC/w DAC 3x daily / ED
GH 5ius M/W/F
T3 25mcg
T4 100mcg

My TRT is stable and my last blood tets is (26th of MAY):

Testosterone 24,64 nmol/l (RR 10,0-35,0)
Prolactin 11,51 ug/l (RR 2,1-17,7)
Estradiol 19,99 ng/l (RR 0-52)

Now i have higher liver enzymes and some Edema of my legs, so i am getting off GH and thyroid meds for 4-5 weeks…and after 4-5 weeks i am gonna do Full blood test, to see my all number.
After this blood test, if everything is gonna be ok… i am Getting of my TRT and i wanna try Restore my HPTA.

What is my plan :

1w-last shot of test-e + 2xHCG 250iu + EOD Arimidex 0,25mg
2w- 2xHCG 250iu + EOD Arimidex 0,25mg
3w- 2xHCG 250iu + EOD Arimidex 0,25mg … END of week RETEST my hormonal LEVELS
4w- 40mg Nolvadex ED … End of week Retest my hormonal levels
5w- 30mg Nolvadex ED … End of week Retest my hormonal Levels
6w- 20mg Nolvadex ED … End of week retest my hormonal levels
7w- 20mg Nolvadex EOD… End of week retest my hormonal levels
8w- 20mg Nolvadex EOD… End of week retest my hormonal levels

Note: After this 8 weeks if i won’t be in (TT 600-800) i am gonna go on TRT to rest of my life.

Please guys… give me some advice how does my protocol look like or what should i change … every idea or advice is welcome, thank you for everyone who will post, thanks.

During my restore Protocol i am gonna use these supplements :

5000iu Vit D3
800iu Vit E
3g Vit C
cycling of D Aspartic Acid 3g/d … to help restore and up my T levels
Zinc/d … some extra Zinc to help lower Estrogen
Milk Thistle

I don’t know what to say really. But it seems like after your initial blood test you took matters into your own hand and went with it right away without further testing or diagnosis.

That is a shame and really you want to exhaust all avenues before committing to TRT. Your plan now is to jump off TRT and within 8 weeks you want to be in the 600-800 range. That would be great but honestly I find this very unlikely to happen. And if you don’t reach your goal you will jump on TRT again. Again not good, exhaust all avenues before committing to TRT. Best to find a good doctor if you can work with him/her, will make things a lot easier. So my advice would be to keep searching…

The reason I say that is that firstly you have not done any diagnosing what could be causing your issues. Nothing has changed when you initially had blood work to now so the chances of you having a nice total testosterone value are slim in my opinion.

You will also want to test your natural levels a bit later than after 8 weeks. You finish taking Nolvadex on week 8 so give it at least a month before you test your levels. Then and only then will you have an accurate value to go off. No point testing right after finishing Nolvadex as that might have the values skewed.

Also not sure if you need to test every week your hormone levels might be a bit of an overkill?? But if you want to go for it.

I can’t really comment on your game plan other than what I already mentioned.

I know the difficulty in finding a good doctor her in Czech. I am not sure if I have found the right one, will find out soon with time. What part in Czech are you from?

If you are in Brno send me a PM and I will send you the contact info to the Urologist that I have found that at the moment seems to be very good (time will tell). Endocrinologists that work in hospitals here a generally clueless from my experience.

What were all your symptoms that prompted you to have your values checked?
Previous drug use of any kind?
Any other blood work done, cholesterol, glucose etc…??

How have you felt lately while on your protocol? How do you feel,Stronger, gaining muscle, lost fat??

You should drop onto .5mg anastrozole per week in EOD divided doses and cruise on that to prevent estrogen rebound.

Read the advice for new guys sticky, and others.

So how is your restart protocol going so far? Where did you come up with your plan? I remember reading that an AI should be used during restart but Arimidex and Letro effects are limited by nolvadex and Aromasin should be used with it instead.

You never thought your low test results might have been a result of three hours cardio a week on top of your other training and a low calorie diet?