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Coming Off TRT with Clomid and AI


I’ve recently decided to get off my TRT regimen.I always thought I shouldn’t be on TRT but, I went with it for a while and now I’m done with it. I wanted to ask you guys what do you know about coming off TRT with Clomid. I’ve done some reading and it seems my dose is high at 25 mg daily, recommended dosing is 1250mg daily (1/8) or EOD. Today I took my first dose at 25mg and crashed like I would if I took to much of and AI.I can tell you previously to taking the Clomid dose I was feeling pretty good sexually speaking, then bang soft horny and dead in the water.

I’ve read that Clomid will raise T, but this is my first dose so to rocket T higher on 25mg Clomid seems unrealistic to me. I tried using some Anastrozole to balance and it seemed to make things worst. .50 MG

I can tell you that I’m hypersensitive to Anastrozole and apparently Clomid. I was hoping for a little direction to get my Clomid dose to a point I can function for the next 5 weeks at which time I will off all things TRT.

Thank you for your time and knowledge!


I took 25mg of clomid ED for 7 months. My total T went from 477 to 1202 - top of the range. Docs were impressed. Great responder, they said. SHBG and E2 also went up - way up, out of range. But no benefit at all with symptoms.

I am an anastrozole over-responder. However, in this case, anastrozole didn’t bring even bring E2 down at all - because the estrogen is intra-testicular.

25mg/day is not an unusual prescription.

You’re woods are soft because of really high E2 which can’t be managed with AI.

I didn’t taper off clomid - just stopped cold turkey, which I think was a mistake. My Total T bounced back but my free T did not bounce back at all. You want to look into tapering off clomid.

Good luck


What bloodwork are you guys doing when running Clomid as TRT