Coming Off TRT to Increase Fertility

Hi guys,

I’m 45 been on on trt for about a year now, test cyp 20mg ed, aromasin 12.5mg x 2 pw, hcg 250iu eod.

My gf and i have just started trying for a baby, after doing tons of reading i feel that the best chance is to come off trt and do a hpta serm restart with nolva then go check my sperm checked for swimmers etc. I plan to jump straight back on trr as soon as she’s confirmed preggo.

My nuts are a lot smaller than pre trt and semen volume is low too. So many conflicting posts on various forums as to the best route for male fertility.

Is there a possibility i could stay on trt and switch the hcg for nolva so that it would increase my fsh as well as lh? Or do i really need a complete hpta restart for my best chances of fertility?