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Coming Off TRT - Need Advice


Hi all,

I've been on TRT for about a year now (200mg/week of test cyp) and decided a few weeks ago to stop the therapy. I won't get into the details of why I'm stopping since that's not what I'm here to discuss, I mainly need help with the proper way to successfully re-start my natural testosterone production in hopes that I can get it back to what it was before I started the therapy. TBH, my test levels prior to therapy was mid-range and healthy for my age however due to my profession I was encouraged to go on a TRT program.

For my post-TRT protocol my doctor told me to stop the test injections cold turkey and gave me HCG and told me to take the HCG (25ui twice per week) and continue this for 4 weeks. That was the extent of my post-TRT protocol. I've been doing it for about 3 weeks now and I feel completely miserable. Energy is extremely low, migraines, low libido, depression, etc. I've read of other post-TRT programs and most of them include Clomid and HCG however my doctor said Clomid is not necessary.

Can someone with experience coming off TRT please provide some insight on where I should go from here? Should I go back on a low dose of TRT and taper it off over the course of a few months? I still have test cyp and also androgel available if needed.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Please tell us that 25iu is a typo! Check out the stickies. There's a restart protocol.